Great Left-Handed Gifts for Left Handers Day


By Megan Koester

Righties may rule the roost, but not on August 13. That’s because it’s International Left Handers Day: a much-deserved day all left-handed lads and lasses, after years of struggling against a right-centered world, can call their own.

Right-handers just don’t understand the struggles their lefty chums have to put up with—from the simple task of using scissors to acquiring the cool-yet-messy Silver Surfer Syndrome (it’s what happens when lefties write with pencils, getting silver-covered dust all over their hand from dragging it over the paper).

Would you love to give the lefty in your life a unique gift that shows them that you know the struggle is real, but don’t know where to turn? The options on this list range from fun to practical and everywhere in-between:

The Sound of Music

If you’re left-handed, playing the guitar can be borderline impossible, as most guitars are made exclusively for right-handers. This California Classic Left-Handed Solid Body Electric Guitar, however, is made specifically for south paws, which means lefties can finally play just as easily as righties. The sunburst-colored axe comes fully ready to rock, with strings, a whammy bar, a shoulder strap, padded gig bag, and even a pick.

Another Excuse to Play Golf

Believe it or not, most golf clubs are available in both left and right-handed varieties. They’re one of the most universally accessible products on the market. Speaking of accessible, the Lynx Predator Full Set of golf clubs is designed with a low center of gravity, which makes it perfect for players of all levels, from beginner to pro.

Unbridled Productivity

When you’re a lefty, it’s the little things that are difficult, from simple tasks like using scissors to typing. Left-handed keyboards are designed to take a bit of discomfort out of the everyday, making them thoughtful gifts that will literally be used all the time. The Evoluent KB1 Keyboard places the numeric keypad on the left instead of the right side of the keyboard, making it easier for lefties to access. What’s the first thing they’ll do with their new keyboard? Write you a “thank you” note, of course!

Improved Ease of Use

What’s the point in having a keyboard designed just for lefties if they don’t also have a mouse? If you’re right-handed, it’s easy to forget how the design of many things you take for granted, like computer mice, causes south paws pain. Wireless and ergonomic, this Hippus Handshoe Left-Handed Ergonomic Mouse will take a load off your loved ones’s fingers, lessening their risk of RSI (repetitive strain injury). Being a lefty is already hard enough as is!

Some Apropos Art

Give the gift of a piece of art just as unique as your left-handed friend. This irreverent print by Ben Giles entitled, appropriately enough, “Hand,” depicts a lefty making it rain bright, colorful flowers. When hung on the wall, it can serve as a reminder that, to them, every day is Left Handers Day!

If you're left-handed, playing the guitar can be a struggle. This California Classic Left-Handed Solid Body Electric Guitar, however, is perfectly suited for the lefty music lover in your life. Click here to scope it out on Monoprice!


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