How to Pack a Suitcase for Stress-Free Family Travel


By Linnea Covington

It’s happened to everyone: you arrive at the airport only to find that your luggage is overweight, the flight’s been delayed, or your suitcase has been lost.

All of these situations add stress to a trip—especially if you travel with kids. Having bored, cranky little ones hanging from you when you’re trying to talk to a gate agent or a baggage handler certainly doesn’t make things any easier. Luckily, the future is now, and technology is here for you.

Here’s how to pack a suitcase, keep your luggage under weight limit, and not lose anything (including your mind):

Organize Your Bag

The trick to knowing how to pack a suitcase best is making everything as compact as possible. Start with a handy tote like the Safe Passage 800 Travel Kit to secure your toiletries, and then efficiently fill your suitcase with Lewis N. Clark Travel Compression Packers. You simply put your clothes in the pouch, then roll the air out to flatten them.

Avoid Weight Issues

Imagine you get to the ticket counter and discover your suitcase is overweight. Faced with the dilemma of opening the bag in front of everyone, removing objects, and stuffing extras into a carry-on, you’re probably not going to have a very pleasant flight. Avoid such an ordeal by pre-weighing your luggage before you get to the airport with the Electronic Portable Digital Luggage Scale by Sodial.

Get Through TSA

If one little thing appears off, the TSA is likely to rip through your carefully-packed carry-on. Avert the nightmare of having an agent sift through your personal belongings by having the notorious TSA guidelines down pat—so you know exactly how to pack a suitcase. The TSA offers a handy series of videos for those questions you keep forgetting the answers to.

Prevent Lost Luggage

Nothing can derail a trip like a lost bag, especially if you travel with kids. Adding a GPS tracking device to your luggage will monitor the suitcase no matter where it ends up, which means you don’t have to stress about missing clothes, favorite toys, or that amazing pair of shoes. Choose from app-based methods such as LugLoc, or go for the Trakdot Luggage Tracker—a gadget that goes in your suitcase and updates you on its location with each landing.

Travel with Smart Luggage

There are suitcases, and then there are high-tech luggage options that not only keep your goods safe, but offer compression storage, remote locking and tracking via an app, and more. There’s too much great stuff to list, but the best might be the phone-charging capabilities—a must for those delayed flights, especially if you travel with kids who need entertainment. All of this can be found in bags created by Bluesmart, such as the Connected Carry-On. Overall, the bag proves way smarter than your average container, and features all the necessities for an easy trip.

Try Sodial's Electronic Portable Digital Luggage Scale to keep your bag at the proper flying weight. Click here to scope it out on Newegg!


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