No Internet at the Beach? Play Games Without Wi-Fi


By John Montesi

Every day it seems, you become more hooked on your phone and tablet. Technology advances, and you get entranced with all your device can do. So what happens when you get to the beach for a vacation, only to realize that lounging by the waves puts you out of the range of your hotel’s network?

Playing games without Wi-Fi access is easy, but running more serious apps without Wi-Fi can be harder. Here are some ways to handle the anxiety—whether you decide to toss your phone into the water like the ultimate skipping stone or simply use it unplugged.

Try Some Old School Tech

In lieu of checking your email or relying on social media for your entertainment, take a clue from those kooky old men on the beach and grab a Bounty Hunter Challenger Metal Detector. Hunting through the sand for a piece of buried treasure is one of the ultimate games without Wi-Fi.

Beaches are full of crazy finds, from misplaced jewelry to discarded beach umbrellas and beer cans from bygone eras. The thrill of the hunt is fun for the whole family, and metal detector technology doesn’t require connectivity. Besides, you never know when you’ll find something that could pay for the whole trip. Try that with your smartphone.

Get Out on the Water

Stand-up paddling is all the rage—from local lakes to picturesque beach resorts the world over. Once you get a taste of the joy it brings, rental fees for subpar equipment can quickly add up. Thankfully, Vilano makes inflatable travel boards and collapsible paddles, like the Voyager 11′ Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Package, which makes it easy to bring your favorite board to the beach and back home again.

If you have a friend who’s also into this activity, try challenging them to a fun race. Being on the water makes it easy to forget about playing games without Wi-Fi. You wouldn’t break a sweat or work on your beach bod doing that, anyway. Plus, bringing smartphones out in the waves is never a good idea.

The Future is Now

If you’re a technology nut who enjoys innovation alongside relaxation, there’s no better way to explore the beach and document the trip than to fly a state-of-the-art 3DRobotics Solo Aerial Drone. The best part: you can make use of its smartphone apps without Wi-Fi, as the control system and drone-to-phone connectivity rely on their own internal Wi-Fi system that doesn’t need an outside signal. Instead of jonesing for email access, put your phone to work and make a game of capturing close-up photos of the toucans in the palm trees or aerial shots of your kids frolicking in the waves. The family photo album has never been this epic.

There's no better way to combine tech and the great outdoors than to document your vacation with a smart drone. Click here to scope out the 3DRobotics Solo Aerial Drone on Rakuten!


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