Get Started on the Adult Coloring Books Trend


By Amy Anderson

Grown-ups everywhere are breaking out their art materials and getting creative with adult coloring books, as they did when they were children.

Coloring as an adult is more than just something to fill your time. It can melt your stress and anxiety, help you focus, and bring about more mindfulness. Adult coloring books are a trendy hobby you’ll love not just for the benefits, but because you can create a unique piece of art that can be enjoyed long after you’re done.

If you’re wondering how to get in on this trend, here’s a list of the supplies you’re going to need:

Adult Coloring Books
This one is a no-brainer. If you’re going to start, you need something to color on! Grab some adult coloring books from your local bookstore or log online to buy The Magic Path Coloring Book With 5 Double-Ended Colored Pencils by Colorama. Pick a variety of books that include florals, mandalas, animals, and other designs. It’s always good to have some books with more basic drawings and some that are more complex, so you have something for whatever mood (or anxiety level) strikes you.

Colored Pencils
Start with a small set of pencils and then expand your collection as you get more experience and develop your abilities. It’s a good reward for all the coloring skills you’re acquiring and all the stress you’re releasing.

You don’t even have to get off the couch to find good quality art materials, as online stores have high-end colored pencils—like those found in the set of 48 Premier Thick Lead Art Pencils in Assorted Colors by Prismacolor—that will last you the life of your books. Look for pencils with a wide variety of shades in your favorite colors, and make sure that the colored leads are strong and won’t break during your coloring session. There’s nothing more aggravating than a broken pencil interrupting your rainbow flow.

Detail Markers
Purchase markers, such as this set of 24 Ultra-fine Point Permanent Markers in Assorted Colors by Sharpie, so you can accomplish more detailed coloring techniques and make your coloring pages all your own.

These are perfect to combine with colored pencils for personalized effects. You can outline areas with the markers and fill in with the colored pencils, or vice versa. Let your heart be your guide as you bring small designs—or maybe even some inspiring quotes—into the mix.

Pencil Sharpener
This can be your new favorite hobby, as long as you’re prepared. A sharpener like the Ohuhu Electric Pencil Sharpener is crucial for making sure your pencils stay sharp and ready to color with at any time. You can use a hand pencil sharpener as well, but the electric pencil sharpener (which can charged via USB port) works quickly, with no frustration or shavings to clean up—that’s the definition of stress-free.

Now you’re prepared to relax after work with your adult coloring books and art instruments. With just a few simple supplies, you’ll be enjoying a new, relaxing hobby in no time!

Get started with a new hobby by buying an adult coloring book gift set. Click here to scope out The Magic Path Coloring Book With 5 Double-Ended Colored Pencils by Colorama on Rakuten!


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