Need Workout Motivation? 5 Ways to Amp Up Your Fall Fitness


By Rachel Moran

Your workout motivation doesn’t have to take a dive just because the temperatures do. As the sun begins to dim its intensity in favor of crisp autumn breezes, you’ve got a new fitness challenge: it’s time to roll your summer energy into fall fitness!

Sure, bulky sweater season is almost here, and everyone loves rich fall foods. But that doesn’t mean your workout motivation has to suffer. Whether it’s switching up your exercise routine, updating your gear, or integrating the trendiest technology, you’ve got what it takes to keep your enthusiasm high. Follow these 5 tips to amp up your fall fitness regimen:

1. Make It Easy on Yourself

Autumn comes with a special fitness challenge, as you suddenly find yourself busier while the weather turns cooler. You can blame it on the temperatures, but it’s time to figure out ways to squeeze in workouts that work with your lifestyle. Taking your exercises indoors—where it’s warm, dry, and comfortable—doesn’t have to mean a decrease in activity.

A compact bench like the Extension Hyperextension Bench by Yukon Fitness is an awesome investment for those days when you don’t want to venture outside. Use it to train your abs, obliques, back, and glutes—all from the comfort and privacy of your home. With a set of hand weights, it doubles as a standard bench, too.

2. Sign Up for Cool Classes

With the days getting shorter, you may be looking for ways to avoid shutting yourself in your home once the sun sets—signing up for fun exercise classes at a local gym is an excellent way to guarantee your workout motivation stays high through the ever-brisker months of fall.

Don’t be shy about making friends in class, either. A new fit-tribe can amp up the level of fun and even add a healthy competitive edge to your workouts. Find nearby studios and great deals on kickboxing, spin, dance, or yoga on Living Social. Nothing gets you pumped for fitness like nailing a new skill or sweet party trick (handstands, anyone?).

3. Get Stylin’ New Kicks

This is so simple, but so effective. A cool new pair of sneakers gets you excited about working out. Staying on-trend will help you remain on-point when it’s time to lace up your kicks and hit the weights. Additionally, having the proper footwear for fall won’t just help you look on-trend, it will also help prevent you from slipping on wet leaves or rolling ankles on fallen branches.

With athleisure sweeping the style culture, pick a pair that looks fresh in the street for maximum impact. Old school is new again, too, with the New Balance 580 Deconstructed sneakers showing up on celebrities and Instagram fitspo models alike.

Wear them with your favorite pants or sporty skirts during the day, and then slip into your spandex for an evening gym session.

4. Make Tech Your Friend

Having a workout partner is great. Having a workout partner that tracks and syncs all of your wellness data and makes every outfit you own look luxe and aspirational? Phenomenal. That’s why Fitbits are here to stay. The Tory Burch Gold-Plated Fitbit-Case Bracelet‘s design blends well with classic fall fashions and will have you falling in love with your workout all over again (even if it’s only so you can play with your shiny, beautiful bracelet).

5. Power Up Your Diet

A healthy diet keeps your workout motivation as strong as your muscles. That said, it’s easier to stick to if it’s simple to follow. It can be tempting to indulge in comfort food on chilly autumn days, but by stocking your fridge and pantry with healthy options, you can stay on track.

Try a grocery-shopping site like FreshDirect to have fresh foods, meal kits, and snacks on hand at all times. Plus, there’s a bonus—healthier food helps reveal those hard-won muscles.

Wrap your wrist in a gorgeous Tory Birch Gold-Plated FitBit-Case Bracelet that will have you super-excited to get moving this fall. Click here to scope it out on Neiman Marcus!


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