Winter Is Coming: 3 Bucket List Ideas for the End of Summer


By Evan Wade

The temperatures are starting to fall, the days are getting shorter, and all you can think is “winter is coming.”

If you’ve recently checked the calendar and panicked over summer’s impending departure, you know what the popular catchphrase actually means: It’s time to leave the air-conditioned comfort of your pad and enjoy what’s left of everyone’s favorite season. To do that, take your summer bucket list out for one last hurrah with these three great ideas:

1. Getting Out
What’s the first step in pulling your summer back from the brink? To start, show a little love to the friends and family you didn’t see. While you can’t go back to the bevy of barbecues you decided not to attend, a late-season appearance or two can resurrect your social life, putting you in a more comfortable position for participating in indoor activities during the latter half of the year. Remember, winter is coming.

It’s important to look your best when you return from your absence, and accessories are vital here. Instead of buying a whole going-out wardrobe for a season that’s almost over, pieces like the Black Dial Watch with Brown Leather Band by Edwin Watch properly accent your existing outfits and enable you to continue looking sharp throughout the year. Top it off with an eye-catching swimsuit like the Tom Ford Solid Tie Swim Trunks, and voilĂ ! People will chatter about your retooled wardrobe like they’re at a fashion show.

2. Getting Way, Way Out
Of course, the end of summer isn’t just about fulfilling social obligations. Fun is the endgame, and nothing refutes chants of “winter is coming” like visiting locales where snow doesn’t exist. Best of all, late-season travel means fewer crowds, which may have been keeping you at home all summer!

That said, time is limited. The more of your trip you can handle with one provider, the more time you have to scratch items off your summer bucket list. In addition to unique vacation packages, CheapOair offers everything from single flights to all-inclusive round-trips, allowing you to tweak your vacation experience without having to bounce around online or from agent-to-agent in search of the perfect adventure. This way, logistical headaches won’t bog down your end-of-summer fun.

3. Hitting The Links
Looking for a combination of the previous two summer fun ideas? Whether you’re looking for a social outlet or an excuse to get out of the house for a decent amount of time, a trip to the golf clubhouse can provide just that.

Although it’s ostensibly a sport, any golfer knows your wardrobe is still under the microscope on the links. Moreover, fashion isn’t the only factor to consider. Comfort and performance are a certified big deal, too. Start from the ground up: shoes like the adidas Adipower Boost 2 can improve your game and your glam, while these Under Armour Essential Match Play Pants keep you cool in both style and temperature on the hottest late-summer days.

Top off your getup with an appropriate polo like the Victory Solid Short Sleeve by Nike (and of course your clubs!), and you have the ideal combination of fashion and functionality. This is the perfect gear for completing your end-of-season bucket list.

Enjoy a last-minute, all-inclusive, and hassle-free trip with the help of CheapOair.


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