2016 Shoe Trends: Fashion-Forward Fall Shoes


By Jae Curtis

Every year, cooler weather brings the welcomed return of some of fall’s hottest footwear.

The arrival of autumn likely has you ready to ditch the sandals and bring on the booties—but this season’s hottest shoe trends might surprise you. As you swap out your summer footwear and unpack your favorite fall shoes, consider adding a few of the following styles to your collection, so that your look is on-point this season:

Patterned Booties

If you’re bored with the same old bootie (or are still rocking open toes from the summer), 2016’s bootie incarnation is much more whimsical and fun. Patterned booties, like the Off-White Marble Korinne Zip Boots by Open Ceremony, are the perfect edgy complement to leather leggings, a slouchy tee, and a denim jacket for outdoor fall concerts. Plus, the chunky heel means you’ll always stay comfortable while out and about enjoying the crisp weather.

Over-the-Knee Boots

André Assous Stagecoach Suede Over-the-Knee Boot, Black, from Neiman Marcus

Look up for this year’s version of the fall boot: it stretches all the way over the knee.

Over-the-knee boots, or OTK boots, are the perfect way to cozy up with a pair of skinny jeans and an oversize cashmere sweater. These Andre Assous Stagecoach Suede OTK Boots have a classic shape and will be an investment that can stretch the rest of your wardrobe.

Over-the-knee boots are also the perfect way to transition your summer dresses into fall: just add a moto jacket and a scarf.

Suede and Velvet

If you’re looking for a way to embrace the textures of the season, smooth leather is out, and soft velvet and suede are in for fall shoes. The fall runway showed a bevy of soft, velvety, textured boots and shoes. Just remember that, while suede and velvet shoes look great, you’ll need to keep them dry and out of the inclement weather.

Metallic Heels

Jimmy Choo Aza Glitter Kitten-Heel Pump from Neiman MarcusYou want to update your shoes, but you still want a classic look that’s wearable for work and play. These Jimmy Choo Aza Glitter Kitten Heels are definitely on trend for fall, especially when worn with unexpected deep jewel tones like turquoise, or monochromatic pewter (think a classic cut suit).

Create a color palette based on your metallic heels, and match your jewelry to them (gold with gold, silver with silver, etc.) for a cohesive fall look.

Rugged Boots

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors, but hiking in heels is completely crazy. That’s why rugged boots are a fabulous fall trend. (Who wouldn’t love these Free People Breakwater Hiking Boots?) Look for boots that feature chunky wedge heels, shearling details, laces, and everything else you’d expect from a psuedo-hiking shoe. They’ll look perfect on the weekend, when you’re hiking or cozying up to a fire in your favorite jeans and plaid shirt.

You don’t need to be a slave to the runway to be on-point this fall. By embracing one or two contemporary shoe trends, you can add a few new pairs of fall shoes to your closet and effectively remix your wardrobe. From more texture to bold features, 2016 fall shoe trends are designed to make this the best autumn ever.

Jimmy Choo Metallic Pumps are the perfect investment piece for fall. Click here to scope out the Aza Glitter Kitten Heels on Neiman Marcus!


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