Embrace the Broke College Student Lifestyle With Cheap Fun


By Kylie Ora Lobell

You’ve paid for all your schoolbooks, your housing fees, and your groceries. After shelling out money for all of your necessities, you have barely any left in your bank account for fun activities.

In a nutshell, you’re a broke college student.

This is a bummer. You work hard throughout the week, and you want to celebrate on the weekend. Unfortunately, eating out, going to the movies, seeing a show, or going to a bowling alley all require a decent amount of money. However, there are a number of cheap things to do, even for a broke college student:

Dinner and a Show

Typically, dinner and a live show will constitute a great night out, but spending hundreds of dollars on one night of food and entertainment doesn’t make sense for a broke college student. Instead, you can hold a potluck dinner with your friends, where everyone will contribute one dish (maybe state in the invitation that nobody’s dish should be instant ramen). After dinner, go to a show—you never know what kind of local entertainment you’ll find deep discounts on at LivingSocial.

Get Off the Couch

Games and activities like bowling, paintball, golf, and laser tag are very fun, but they are not cheap things to do.

Triumph Sports USA 3-Hole Folding Bag Toss Game Set from Bass Pro ShopsInstead of looking to the outside world for entertainment, consider going in on a 3-Hole Folding Bag Toss Game Set by Triumph Sports USA. This inexpensive beanbag game comes with six beanbags and two foldable target boards. You can split the cost with your roommates and store it in your common area.

When it’s nice outside, break it out and invite other friends on campus to play with you. You’ll soak up the sun, make new friends, and spend only a few dollars on entertainment that will be sure to last the whole semester (and beyond).

Get Back on the Couch

Movies can cost $15 a ticket without even factoring in the popcorn, drinks, candy, and parking.

144 Oz. PopLite Hot Air Popcorn Popper by Presto from WayfairInstead of spending all that money on a movie you might not even like, invest in the affordable Mini Portable LED Digital Display Projector Media Player. You can project movies you already own (and know you love), or cheap ones from a streaming service, on an outside wall, or in the comfort of your common room.

To enhance the experience, collect an extra five bucks from everyone, and you can have the PopLite Hot Air Popcorn Popper by Presto. With the projector and popcorn maker, you can watch whatever movies you want, when you want—and keep your bank account intact in the process.

Watch to watch movies on a big screen, at home? Buy the Mini Portable LED Digital Display Projector Media Player from Newegg.com. Click here to scope it out!


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