The Best Backpacks for School: Covering All Your Kids’ Needs


By Kylie Ora Lobell

With the weather cooling down, it’s just about time for your children to go back to school. You’ve picked up your discount school supplies and new lunchbox, and arranged a carpool with the other parents. All the permission slips are in order, and you’re set with after-school activities.

There’s only one thing left to take care of: your children’s backpacks.

The kids’ current backpacks are old, ripped, and, worst of all, not in style anymore. You want your children to feel prepared when they go into school on that first day. When they have the best backpacks for school slung on their shoulders, they will be confident. Here are a few great options that will keep your kids happy and healthy:

Color A Backpack

From the moment your child was born, you knew she was destined to be an artist. She loves to draw, paint, and color both at school and at home. Thus, the Color A Backpack is perfect for her. These backpacks for school are for ages four and up—and come with five permanent markers.

Your children can color whatever they want on their backpacks for school, and feel proud of the beautiful creations every time they head for the bus. These backpacks will stand out from the crowd, showing off your kids’ unique personalities and making it easier for you to spot them at pickup time.

Pokémon School Bag

This Pokémon Backpack is perfect for boys and girls who are fans of the popular characters. It’s for children in any grade and comes in a deep blue and black color scheme, along with a number of pockets that your children can store all of their discount school supplies in.

You may have occasionally noticed bad posture in your kids when they slump over at the dinner table or while looking at their tablets and doing their homework—with its lightweight yet sturdy design, this bag can help correct bad posture and even encourage kids to stand up straight whenever they’re wearing it. It’s a win-win!

Plush, Luggable Backpacks

You obviously miss your kids when they’re at school all day. And although you’re unable to physically be there with them, you can provide them with a cuddly, comforting backpack that’ll make them feel cozy.

The Disney Olaf Plush Backpack is made of incredibly soft plush fabric, so your children can cuddle it on the way to and from school. Its resemblance to the beloved movie character will enable your little ones to have exciting adventures all their own, as their trusty friend will be strapped to their back.

The Penguin Luggable Children’s Backpack is also made from plush materials, and, as an added bonus, converts into a pillow that younger children can use at nap time. School will no longer be a lonely place for them, because they’ll have a fluffy friend with them throughout the day.

Buy the Color A Backpack from Gilt to carry all your child's school supplies in style.


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