Extracurricular Activities to Get Your Kids Active, Engaged


By Corey Whelan

Whether they’re five or 15, the amount of homework kids currently get assigned is higher than ever before.

With time so tight, it may be hard to fold extracurricular activities into the mix—especially if downtime to your kid means screen time and they don’t seem interested in an after-school club. Lots of kids would rather cozy up in front of the computer or TV with a bag of nachos than run outside, but getting yours pumped to participate in extracurricular activities doesn’t have to turn you into the parent-police. You just have to find something they love to do.

These popular choices encourage physical fitness, help kids connect with other children, and provide parents with off-screen social networks they can enjoy, while soaking up all the action. Help them get active and stay engaged by signing them up for these activities:


As one of the most popular extracurricular activities for children ages six and up, karate teaches self-discipline and control. It’s also a social activity that all kids can benefit from, no matter their fitness level. Whether your child is mastering their first basic kata or is on their way to a black belt, you want to keep their insteps and shins aligned and protected during matches with high-quality equipment.

Give them the opportunity to stay safe and feel like Bruce Lee with some Cloth Shin and Instep Karate Taekwondo Sparring Pads, which provide maximum foam padding for superior shock absorption. Your kids will feel like a confident ninja warrior in their cool protective gear—meaning they may never want to take it off—and you’ll be happy they’re protected, making the pads a great choice.


Most schools have an after-school club or intramural league devoted to this highly popular sport. Your children will be so excited to run with their friends and feel like a group of real-life super heroes that they will put down their video games for some real life obstacles. Getting your child engaged in a soccer league is a great way to help them acquire team skills and spirit while experiencing lots of friendly competition.

If you love the sport (and who doesn’t?) try coaching on occasion. That way, you can hang with your kids and make sure they’re having fun while learning the fundamentals during their extracurricular activities. You’ll both want to work on your moves, so build in practice time together with a superior soccer ball, like the MacGregor Classic Soccer Ball 32.


Playing baseball or softball on an after-school team can take the sting out of those first few weeks of homework—and keep your kid both active and outdoors during those last, blissful days of an Indian Summer. If you’ve always had dreams of major league grandeur for your child (or for yourself), a Heater Sports Baseball Big League Drop Toss Machine & Spring Away Net is a must.

Your child won’t want to give up until their right hook is perfected, and you can practice hitting a couple out of the park on non-game days yourself. Just don’t forget the balls—a 12-pack of Heater Sports Baseballs Dimpled will keep you both happily swinging until the dinner bell rings.

You and your child can practice swings together with the sturdy, transportable Heater Sports Baseball Big League Drop Toss Machine & Spring Away Net, available through Rakuten. Play ball!


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