Football Party Supplies and Game Day Food for The Season


By Kylie Ora Lobell

Football season is here, and you think you’re all set to host a few games at your house this year.

You’ve been looking forward to kickoff all summer, but you suddenly suspect that there are some key football party supplies you should probably have . . . although you’re not sure what those might be.

Don’t worry: these tips for securing strategic football party supplies and upping your game day food game will keep you from fumbling on any given Sunday.

Get Louder Than Your Friends

When your team makes a touchdown, you and your friends are going to go wild—when there’s a bad call, you’ll hear loud groans around your living room. However, you may not be able to hear what’s happening on the field through your television’s tiny speakers.

To clearly hear over all the noise and keep up with the commentary, buy the Monitor40 Series II Two-Way Bookshelf Loudspeakers by Polk Audio. They’re resistant to interference from other devices, have powerful bass, and are known for their outstanding sound quality. You’ll hear any and every sound emitted from your television, making it easier to follow along.

Offer Up More Seating

You have a couch and a recliner in your living room, but that’s it. Your seating arrangement isn’t exactly ample (or comfortable), and it doesn’t allow you to have more than a few guests over.

Instead of limiting whom you can invite, pick up some Butterfly Chairs. They can each hold up to 250 pounds, and the covers are machine-washable, in case one of your buddies spills some beer or game day food on them. Even better, you can easily pack up these football party supplies after the game is done, and then break them out again next week.

Drink Out of Your Own Mug, Pal!

You and your family try to keep things green, which is why you don’t want to use plastic cups when you have people over. Accordingly, you should consider investing in some personalized beer mugs from a retailer like Gilt. You can store your friends’ mugs in your kitchen cabinet, so they’ll feel right at home when they come over (and they’ll finally stop “accidentally” finishing your beer for you).

Classy Snacks

The pizzas are almost ready—someone just has to go pick them up. That “someone” should probably be the host . . . wait, that’s you . . . which means you’ll likely miss the beginning of the second half.

Avoid missing out by keeping a Charcuterie and Cheese Assortment from Harry & David on hand in the fridge. Meat and cheese are the best parts of a pizza anyhow, and all you have to do is unwrap the platter and open a box of crackers. Score!

To keep your fridge stocked (and guests happy) during game day, buy the Charcuterie and Cheese Assortment from Harry & David. Click here to scope it out!


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