Morning Routine for School: 4 Easy Ways to Get out The Door


By Rachel Moran

OK, you woke up a little late, but that’s alright—you just have to get yourself out the door, right? Wait, no . . . those little people you keep feeding and picking up from soccer practice . . They also need to get somewhere.

One of the best ways to start your day is to establish a morning routine for school and work.

If you can teach your kids how to get up in the morning and help them feel grounded, they’ll be excited about the day (and, who knows? It might even work for you, too). Good moods in the morning? Totally possible with these simple tricks:

Prep the Night Before

Give yourself plenty of time—start the night before. A solid morning routine for school relies on a bit of automation. Lay out clothes, organize homework, know what’s for breakfast, prep lunch, and pack backpacks.

Getting kids to opt into this habit is vital, not just for mornings, but for life. Keeping them motivated year-round isn’t easy, but a younger kid might love a backpack in their favorite color or with their favorite character, and be 100 percent ready to pack it most nights. The Kids Mini Iridescent Rucksack by BJX Kids looks futuristic and stylish, and is sure to get your young one excited about showing it off at school.

Squirt Water Alarm Clock by Bedol Water Clock from WayfairAnother smart way to keep children on track is by triple-checking that their morning alarms are set properly before going to bed. Nothing is worse than waking up late, but that’s unlikely to happen very often with the Squirt Water Alarm Clock by Bedol. This model comes in a variety of fun colors and requires no batteries or electricity—because it runs on water power. Replace the water reserve every six months, and your kids will always wake up on time.

Establish a Breakfast Ritual

One of the best tricks for teaching young ones how to get up in the morning is to create a breakfast ritual. Ground your kids with some personal time and nourish them with healthy food so they make good decisions all day.

Adding simple ritual elements fosters togetherness, too. Maybe everyone practices silence while you pour coffee (stick to a single-serve brewer like the Two Way Brewer Single Serve and 12 cup Coffee Maker by Hamilton Beach for success), or give everyone their own silly bowl like the Bird Feed Bowl and Spoon Set.

By briefly focusing on everyone’s need to power up, you can work together to get going.

Time Tasks With Music

Inject a little fun into your morning routine for school by timing tasks with music. Tell the kiddos they have the length of their favorite jam to brush their teeth, or that everybody has to be dressed by the time the latest pop song is over. It might not be your favorite tune, but music can make your kids feel positive and happy while they catch onto how long it should take to do things.

Make it easy with a portable, economical MP3 speaker like the CD/MP3/Radio Shelf System JMC-180 by Jensen. You can keep it in the bathroom or the upstairs hallway.

Sorbus® 18

Create a Launchpad

Organize a streamlined launchpad to get out the door on time.

Disorganization early in the morning can feel overwhelming, especially when you and the kids might still be tired—so place a simple, versatile organizer by your door and avoid a snowball effect of stress. With its series of shelves for each kid, and spacious spots for coats and shoes, the Wardrobe Closet Storage Organizer by GGI International would work well.

Mornings suddenly seem full of opportunity. Enjoy the day ahead!

Get the compact CD/MP3/Radio Shelf System JMC-180 by Jensen and use it to establish a morning routine for school by playing music and setting a timer with kids to time their tasks. Click here to scope it out on Newegg!


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