2016 Fall Fashion Must-Haves


By Kylie Ora Lobell

It’s back-to-school time, but you’re still working your summer job—which means you’ve had zero time to buy fall clothes or look into 2016 fall fashion. Autumn is fast approaching, and your wardrobe is still full of bikinis, crop tops, and shorts.

Don’t panic, the latest trendy clothing and accessories are within your reach. These investment pieces will last you a long time and make a great impression on your professors and peers. Whether you’re stocking up on cold-weather staples, or on the hunt for funkier items, this list has got you covered.

Here are some 2016 fall fashion pieces that will last you through the season and beyond:

A Black Turtleneck

Your clothing for the season shouldn’t be too heavy, or else you’ll be sweating on warmer autumn days. However, it should also offer flexible layering throughout the colder months. The Long-Sleeve Mock-Neck Stretch Jersey Top from Anthony Thomas Melillo is not your typical turtleneck: it’s made by a well-known designer who’s been producing high-quality clothes for nearly 20 years, and the neckline doesn’t go as high as a traditional turtlenecks.

This ’90s look has 2016 fall fashion written all over it. Since the top is black, you’ll be able to pair it with any of your fall clothes or winter wardrobe and still look fantastic.

Cute Rain Boots

A sun shower can be unexpected and refreshing, and that first flurry of the year is always picturesque—but autumn showers (which promise no flowers whatsoever) are just plain gross. It is possible to be prepared for them and still look cute, though. Some durable, feminine rain boots pair great with knee-length skirts and skinny jeans.

It’s easy to find them in a lot of fun colors and patterns (try doing a search for rain boots on Gilt), and even a good pair is relatively inexpensive, so get a couple that complement your favorite rainy-day outfits.

A Statement Scarf

Lets say you’re wearing your solid black Melillo turtleneck along with a pair of plain, straight-leg jeans. This is your go-to outfit, but it’s a bit of a bore. This is where a colorful statement piece, like a big necklace, some hair jewelry, or a scarf, comes in handy.

This Splatter Purple Scarf by Mitandio, which is handmade in India, will add a burst of color and personality to any outfit you put on. It will provide just the right amount of warmth to combat that autumn chill, and make your clothes come alive beautifully.



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