Running Tips and Fitness Gadgets to Get Ready for Fall


By Charles Poladian

The leaves are changing, and so is your training routine. The sweltering heat will soon be replaced by crisp evenings, which means you need to be prepared for fall running.

Here are some handy running tips and fitness gadgets that will help make the seasonal transition even easier this year:

Get the Right Gear for Running Outdoors

Summer running tips are all about staying hydrated and beating the heat—usually, all you need to worry about is the occasional surprise thunderstorm. However, fall running requires you to put a little more thought into getting ready.

A long-sleeved base layer, like the Trinamic Long Sleeve Top by New Balance, is versatile enough to provide breathability when it’s hot outside and warmth when the temperature dips. Another great option from the Boston-based sportswear company is the Light Packable Jacket, a lightweight windbreaker that folds up into a convenient pouch. Wear it while you warm up, stow it away when you’re ready, and then put it back on if there’s a chill in the air.

Pay Attention to What’s on Your Feet

When you’re looking for a pair of sneakers to accommodate the different running conditions autumn can bring, it’s important to keep flexibility and cushioning in mind.

Sneakers such as the Fresh Foam Gobi Trail and 860v6 by New Balance are ideal for everyday runs. You’ll be able to use these sneakers for those last few outdoor runs, while the additional foam and cushioning will make the transition to the treadmill even easier.

You don’t have to dread going to the gym if you have the right footwear and the right mindset. If you can’t be outside, try to have some indoor fun at the gym by creating a music playlist that’s more upbeat than your normal selection.

Apps and Fitness Gadgets to Keep You on Track

Fall means cooler temperatures, but it also means less sunlight. Weather apps such as Weather Underground and AccuWeather can be handy in determining when the sun will set, and how much cooler it will be outside when it does.

Running in the dark can seem scary, but the right gear can really help. The Microblast Headlamp by Browning is perfect for illuminating what’s ahead, and wearing reflective gear can be incredibly useful in adding a layer of security to your run.

Running tips aside, nobody knows how your body reacts to seasonal changes or the weather better than you. Make sure you start every run feeling comfortable and confident.

Grab these versatile 860v6 sneakers from New Balance for outdoor or treadmill running. Click here to scope them out!


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