How CakePay can Remove “Check, Please” from Your Vocabulary


By Evan Wade

It’s happened to everyone. You go to a restaurant, enjoy an amazing dining experience with beloved friends or family members . . . and end up waiting on the check so long you’re hungry again before you get out the door.

If that sounds familiar, fret no more: whether the house is slammed, or your chattier friends won’t hush long enough for you to snag the server, a little technological magic can mitigate your dining woes.

CakePay and The Cheesecake Factory

Just about anything involving the The Cheesecake Factory can make your life more enjoyable. That’s especially true when it comes to solving problems like the above-mentioned. The company recently launched CakePay for iOS and Android—otherwise known as your new favorite dining app.

No longer do you have to turn your back on table conversation, or feel bad for waving down a busy server. Punch in your four-digit PIN, show your code to your server, and make your payment whenever you’re ready to go—the delicious food in your belly is bought and paid for without having to wait on a check.

A Match Made in Mobile Payment Heaven

CakePay for Masterpass

More good news: the app lets you pay with Masterpass. A super-convenient way to close your tab after mowing down a veritable symphony of food. Once you download the CakePay app, just go to your profile, and add Masterpass from Payment Methods. After you connect your Masterpass account, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always be ready to pay with a simple tap anytime you visit the palatial eatery.

But that’s not all the app can do, though. CakePay’s versatility may not be the true star of the show when cheesecake is involved, but it’s a close second. The app enables you to pick up other tabs at your table, split the bill, leave a tip, and do basically anything else a server could when it’s time to pay the bill.

Make no mistake that mobile payment technology is the future, and The Cheesecake Factory’s new app is one of the first high-functionality looks at what’s possible. Just the ability to pay and go would’ve been highly convenient—but add in bill-splitting and tip-leaving functionality, and you have an app destined to hang on your front page forever.

Make your Cheesecake Factory experience even better with CakePay, currently available on the iOS App Store.


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