Electric Transportation That Gets You Where You Want to Go


By Corey Whelan

It’s Monday morning, you’ve got to get somewhere—and that means an exhausting, ho-hum commute.

No one feels great after spending an hour in traffic, or jostling on a standing-room-only bus. If you crave the outdoors and want a better way, try trading in your boring usual commute for an electric transportation device. Great gear like an electric scooter or an electric hoverboard can supply hours of physique-boosting transportation, plus awesome street cred, too.

If you think your body and bank account have to be in super shape before you opt into electric transportation, think again. You can easily find a scooter to love in a wide range of styles and prices. Wondering how to get started? Check out the laws in your state to see if your scooter needs to be registered with the DMV, and also if you’ll be scooting on the road or on the sidewalk. Then, try one of these fast and fun electric transportation options on for size:

A Better Standing Experience
If you have to travel a modest distance during your commute, what better way to do it than on a TRX Personal Transporter 36v? With a range per charge of 15 miles, plus a 12-mile-per-hour cruising speed, this three-wheel electric scooter will get you where you need to go in style.

The three-wheeler is a great choice for anyone who craves an outdoor electric transportation option, but appreciates a smooth, steady ride. This stand-up scooter features pneumatic front and rear tires, plus a 125mm urethane back wheel for added balance. It’s so durable, safe, and easy to ride, you can lend it to your 12-year-old.

Look, Ma—No Hands!
If balance is your secret superpower, the Swagtron T1 Hoverboard is calling your name. First off, it comes in hot pink or I’m-awake-now yellow, so people will see you coming, and be appropriately impressed with your electric transportation swagger.

Second, it features a super-smooth ride, plus safety features like non-skid footpads and built-in stabilization gear for newbies, so even if your balance isn’t all that (yet), you’ll be gliding like a rock star in no time. After you get past that learning curve, your muscle memory will do all the work.

Sitting Pretty
If you love the idea of an electric transport commute, but sitting is more your style, you’ll love the Monster High City 24V Electric Scooter. Perfect for commuting teens, this electric transportation device features a padded saddle seat, smooth riding, large pneumatic tires, and a rear hand brake. With a cruising speed of 15 miles per hour, plus handgrip twist acceleration, this baby is fast and fun to ride—plus, it gives your delts a bit of a workout. This mini-hog is a great option for anyone weighing up to 170 pounds.

Want to up the fun in your daily commute? Say goodbye to gridlock and hello to a fast and fabulous Swagtron T1 Hoverboard. Click here to scope it out on Newegg!


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