How to Reorganize Your Home and Get Rid of Clutter


By Megan Koester

You’re constantly in transit, busy with work, friends, and family, just trying to complete a never-ending to-do list. It’s no wonder your closet rod just broke from the weight of your clothes, and every surface in the living room is covered in clutter.

While you’re a problem-solver when it comes to your kids or your job, a professional organizer you are not—but hey, nobody’s perfect!

Are you wondering how to reorganize your home and clear up that clutter once and for all? Look no further than Office Depot. These easy and elegant options will cut the clutter, and make you look good doing it:

Storage Boxes

It’s hard to figure out how to reorganize your home when you don’t know where to begin, so why not just start from the ground up—literally? These Plastic Storage Boxes are stackable, which saves space, and see-through, so you can view their contents without having to open them. They’re perfect for seasonal clothes, shoes, and all the little things you might not use constantly but would enjoy convenient access to.

Corner Shelves

When it comes to storage, corners are often under-utilized—most people don’t consider them anything but empty space (if they consider them at all). You can fill these spaces, and find a home for all your loose folders and paperwork, with the Corner Shelf by Victor. It goes on top of a desk or table and has three shelves, creating useful space in an unlikely place.

Storage Headboards

Sometimes the simplest storage solutions are right under your nose—or in this case, behind your pillow. Eliminate bedroom clutter by purchasing a storage headboard. This Shoal Creek Headboard Bookcase by Sauder has both a display area for your books and two drawers for extra storage, which means you’ll no longer wake up next to a messy bedside table.

Closet Rods

There’s only so much room in your closet, and you’ve maxed it out (and then some). Don’t you wish it were possible to make your same old closet magically hold twice as much stuff? Well, the Honey-Can-Do Adjustable Hanging Closet Rod from Office Depot hangs on your closet rod (once you’ve replaced the broken one) and can double your closet’s storage space. If you’re wondering how to reorganize your home best, start with your closets.

Jewelry Organizers

Jewelry is always a beast to organize—it seems like if you even just look at it wrong, it gets all tangled up. Hanging it all from a stylish jewelry organizer will eliminate the need for all that untangling. The Metal Wall-Mount Jewelry Holder & Organizer Rack by Simple Designs Home organizes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and scarves — and features a shelf above for even more storage. Finally, an excuse to buy more jewelry!

The Shoal Creek Headboard Bookcase by Sauder has a display area for your bedside literature, and two drawers to provide even more storage. Scope it out now through Office Depot!


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