Parkmobile Makes Every Parking Meter a Little Less Scary


By John Montesi

It used to be that you only saw a parking meter if you drove downtown for a fancy dinner and had to park on one of the main streets. Then, more cities started making people pay for more parking spots.

Now, it’s getting awfully hard to keep track of when you can park where, and how much it all costs. Thankfully, new apps like Parkmobile are eliminating the need for exact change. Finding parking in most cities is hard enough these days—don’t let paying for it become another part of the headache.

Here’s how you can pay for parking with your smartphone – and when you use Masterpass you get up to 5 bucks free!

One More Reason to Ditch the Wallet

In the last few years, many parking stations have been upgraded to accept credit cards, as people continue to trend away from cash—and especially coins. But now, Parkmobile has revolutionized paying for parking by eliminating the need for physical transactions altogether.

This avoids the need to hunt for coins, run into a local shop to ask for change or even hunt down a pay station. Plus, Parkmobile now accepts Masterpass, which means the security and convenience of paying is now available for one of the least convenient things ever—the parking meter. Just click on the Masterpass button when you’re ready to pay.

Never Pay $50 for Parking Again

Do you ever forget exactly what time your parking meter expires . . . or that you even paid for parking at all? Don’t let that $3 parking spot turn into a $50 parking spot ever again.

Parkmobile includes a built-in timer that reminds you when the meter time is winding down, so you can move your car (or sometimes even add time remotely) before the parking patrol nails you and robs that prime spot of its glory.

Making Paying for Parking Hurt a Lot Less

Finding parking is already a bummer—you just want to get to where you’re going. Whether you forgot your wallet, or you’ve already ditched it in favor of a digital replacement (or you just really don’t want to interrupt that amazing first date to go put more coins in a meter six blocks away), Parkmobile is poised to make paying for parking hurt a whole lot less. In fact, it’s so easy, you might not even notice how much it costs (there’s an app for that, too).

Parkmobile makes it possible to pay for parking from your smartphone, right now! Click here to check it out.


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