Beyond Tween Clothing: 8 Creative Gifts to Inspire


By Bethany Johnson

Whether you live with, mentor, parent, or have befriended a tween, you know the relationship is a mixed bag. To call the age group “interesting” is an understatement. Not quite children, not yet teenagers—tweens are arguably the hardest people to shop for.

Fortunately, this list has got you covered. Strengthen the bond that connects you and your favorite in-betweener with these creative gift ideas for tweens:

Stylish Necessities

Tween clothing is easily found in the juniors’ section of your favorite store, so if your tween needs something, start there. Fulfilling a need is a great way to connect with anyone—child, adult, or in between. Plus, you’ll feel good knowing you’ve gifted a necessity.

Fun Fashion Fusion

Once you’ve grabbed what your tweener needs, have some fun.

Gucci Olin Junior GG Fringe Scarf, Sapphire/Light Gray from Neiman MarcusCute accessories are the best way to say, “I love your style, inside and out,” and to young adults, that message can mean the world.

Think hats, belts, jewelry, or this Olin Junior GG Fringe Scarf by Gucci in edgy graphite. Watch a few online how-to videos, so when they open the gift, you’re ready to show them creative ways to wear their new tween clothing accessory.

An Everyday Escape

In the tween years, music has a certain emotional power that often gets drowned out as people age and life’s pressures mount.

Give your young one the escape they crave by hooking them up with noise-isolating headphones. There’s no need to get the studio-grade version: these super sturdy Hi-Fi Premium buds from Monoprice withstand typical teen wear ‘n’ tear.

Dual Makeovers

For guys, hit the barber shop together and get an old-fashioned shave and shoe-shine. Gals can hit the makeup counter together, or swing into a local salon for manicures and chair massages. There’s no telling how much your tween will appreciate a little pampering.

A Way to Get RowdyBean Bag Lounger by Furini from Wayfair

Pro sports always bond spectators together, so consider giving your tween a special invitation to your living room, with their own Bean Bag Lounger by Furini.

Root for your team together, and if they’re especially fanatic, check out’s kids’ store for tween clothing and gear.

An Investment

Introduce your curious tween to the world of stocks and bonds with Investment Options for Teens: A Teen Guide to Investing by Tammy Gagne; it’s designed just for that age group. Inspire the Warren Buffet within, and who knows? You may even learn a thing or two yourself.

Your Time

Kids love things, but the best gift ideas for tweens incorporate your time and attention. Set a recurring date with your favorite tween and write your commitment in a card to give them. Keep your word, and get together regularly to hang out.

An Excursion to Remember

Take the “gift of time” idea even further. Book a getaway with your tween for a memory sure to stick.

Choose an adventure from LivingSocial that includes a ropes course, white water rafting, fly fishing, paintballing, horseback riding, glamping, or all the above! Gadgets always win points with this age group, but it’s the experiences with you thath they’ll remember forever.

As your tween navigates the changes in her life, give her a fashion accessory that can change with her. The Gucci Olin Junior Fringe Scarf is the perfect gift, because it can be worn so many ways. Click here to scope it out on Neiman Marcus!


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