5 Jewelry Trends You Have to Follow for Fall


By Rachel Moran

The season is changing, you’re sick of the “old you,” and you’re ready to mix things up with some new accessories. You need something classy enough to wear to work—but you want edgy pieces that reflect your burgeoning new persona.

Fortunately, the jewelry trends for late 2016 are your chance to make big statements with fall fashion and accessories. Bold pieces that command focus push the limits of what you’ve considered jewelry, and oversize looks poke fun at ideas of status, but are still totally aspirational.

Don some new bling with these exceptional jewelry trends for sexy style that works wherever you go:

The Boyfriend Chain

This look is bound to last. Big, chunky chains that fall a few inches past the collarbone are so on-point for fall this year. Snag one designed for men, and rock it with literally everything: tees and jeans, cocktail dresses, tanks and skirts, everything.

If you invest in one piece this season, this is it. A hand-crafted selection with a sturdy lobster claw, like the John Hardy Men’s Classic Chain Silver Necklace, will work with your unique style for seasons to come, while still being 100 percent at the forefront of this year’s jewelry trends.


Medallions have classic panache. Now they get their flair from delicate details like filigree, laser cuts, and dainty chains that balance their significant impact.

Medallion Pendant in Sterling Silver from Blue NileCheck out the Medallion Pendant from Blue Nile to nail the look.

Don’t wear this medallion with your heavy chain, like back in the ’80s. Pair these necklaces with flowy tops or dresses, and dangling earrings or tiny studs. The medallion itself is the star of the show, while your other jewelry takes on a supporting role.

The Single Earring

The single earring is one of the best jewelry trends from last spring. It stuck around for fall fashion with luxurious punk-inspired versions—such as the Cristina Safety Pin Diamond Single Earring from PHYNE by Paige Novick—because it’s just that cool.

Casual or glam doesn’t matter: a single earring in your lobe is automatically edgy. If you have multiple piercings, you can keep one ear demure and the other wild, with creative studs around your statement earring, or go with rows of diamond studs to showcase your centerpiece.

Embellished HeadbandsJennifer Behr Flower Petal Metal Headband from Neiman Marcus

Jewelry trends for fall will expand your prior definition of bling. Let a little sparkle decorate your crown with embellished headbands that stand in for (or work alongside) your traditional necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Feel free to go dramatic with your choices. Splashy flowers like on the Flower Petal Metal Headband by Jennifer Behr, and other 3-D embellishments, make the most of this fun trend. They’re perfect for every kind of party, from weddings to nightclubs.


While heavier jewelry usually requires a hefty close, the toggle clasp is making waves on necks and wrists right now. That’s because you get to combine lightweight and chunky elements—the season’s calling card—when you have a decorated circle-and-hook close. Try a piece with cute details like those on the Icon Brand Nubian Connection Bracelet for a sexy boho style.

Add a strong statement piece to your look with the high-impact Medallion Pendant from Blue Nile. Click here to scope it out and stay on-point with fall's jewelry trends!


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