5 Must-Have Items for a Football Game


By Kylie Ora Lobell

You and your friend are stoked to go to your first football game of the season—however, gameday is approaching fast, and the only thing you’ve done to prepare is buy your tickets.

You haven’t picked out any essentials to bring to the game, like fun tailgate accessories, warm clothing, or places to pack your food. The good news is that you can prepare very quickly for the football game by finding all your must-haves online.

Here are some ideas for what you should pack to make your time at the game legendary:

1. A Warm Jacket
It was a lovely, long summer, and maybe you forgot how cold it can get up in the stands. You want to stay comfy, but you don’t want to wear something bulky that’s going to restrict your movements.

The perfect outerwear is the Novelty Heat Jacket from New Balance. Since it’s made for working out, you can jump up and root for your favorite team and move around the stadium with ease and style—while staying nice and cozy, of course.

2. A Tabletop Grill
You’re going to spend hours at the football game, and you’ll need some nourishment during that time.

The Lodge Logic Cast Iron Sportsman’s Charcoal Grill is one of the most essential tailgate accessories. Just set it up in the parking lot before the game starts (or after it ends) and feast. With this grill, you won’t go hungry or end up buying overpriced snacks at the concession stand.

3. A Picnic Basket Cooler
Your hot dogs, hamburgers, and drinks need to stay cool on the long trip to the stadium (and while you hunt down a proper tailgating spot). Invest in an easy-to-carry picnic basket cooler you find on Gilt that will keep everything fresh and cool right up until kickoff.

4. A Football, Obviously
While you’re tailgating in the parking lot, you might get restless just standing around. To keep yourself occupied and warm, bring along a Wilson NFL All Pro Football, which is one of the most enjoyable tailgating accessories. It’s the official size and weight as the pigskins used during gameplay, and its black stitching gives it a slick appearance.

You can throw it around while getting pumped up for the football game. As an added bonus, you’ll burn off some calories from all those delicious beers and burgers.

5. A Stainless Steel Travel Mug
Maybe you don’t like to drink at the football game. If you want warm cider or tea in your cup instead of beer, try out the 16-oz. Stainless Steel Travel Mug by Thermos. It has a vacuum-insulated double wall, which ensures that your drink will stay warm for a long time. In addition, it’s conveniently dishwasher safe, so you can throw it in with the rest of your dirty plates and utensils when you’re home and tired from the game.

Looking to toss the pigskin before/after the big game? Snag the Wilson NFL All Pro Football from Sears!


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