6 Creative Housewarming Gift Ideas to Welcome New Neighbors


By Bethany Johnson

Autumn often brings an influx of new neighbors in communities across the country. As new families settle in, established residents often scramble to come up with a suitable housewarming gift to welcome the neighborhood newbies.

If that’s you, this list has got you covered.

Forget the traditional casserole or scented candle—you want your present and message to stand out. Reflect that quirky charm they’ll soon grow to know and love with a creative housewarming gift for neighbors. These six ideas will get you started:

1. A Personalized “Your New Town” Guide
Gather your own family and craft a binder that shows local schools, walking trails, transit stations, parks, shops, and all the neat, little spots that make your town unique. Compile a list, make a map (or four), and include a print-out of Living Social‘s city-specific “events and activities” page for your local area. That way, when they need a break from unpacking boxes, they can turn to your thoughtful gift of first-hand knowledge.

2. Freshness Delivered to Their Door
The customary hot dish is a nice gesture, but it places the burden back on your new friends to wash and return your pan (and, of course, etiquette expert Emily Post would have their heads if they returned it empty!).

Relieve the newcomers of any burden with a FreshDirect delivery of fresh fruit and prepped meals they can heat and eat. Not only will this ease their transition, it’ll provide future options when you’re too busy with play dates to plan a weeknight dinner together.

3. Some Much Needed R & R
Moving is a ton of work. Give the new neighbors a mental and physical break by sending them a luxury at-home spa kit like the Moments of Relaxation Spa Tower. Who wouldn’t appreciate sipping premium green tea after stepping out of a melon-scented shower and into a white cotton kimono-style robe?

Your new neighbors will feel relaxed just looking at the welcome pack. Imagine then, how they’ll feel putting it to use. A little R & R is the perfect gift for neighbors exhausted by their recent move.

4. A Special Night Out
Ironically, the best housewarming gift is sometimes a simple change of scenery. Send the new family out and away from those boxes for the night. Since the Cheesecake Factory is a joy for kids and parents alike, the whole family will be delighted by a gift card to the palatial eatery.

The card can be delivered by mail, making this the perfect way to introduce yourself without an overwhelming in-person visit. After they’ve had a chance to catch their breath (and a dinner out), THEN you can show up on their doorstep.

5. A Nod to The Kids
Everyone knows that, to support a parent, you just need to care for their kid. This USA! USA! Canvas from Birch Lane lets your family acknowledge the new folks’ uprooted status with a “throwback” to their old state or town. This map can be hung in a kids’ room of any theme, so you won’t cross any design lines by giving it as a “welcome” gift. In fact, this housewarming gift blurs geographic lines—the perfect way to tactfully recognize their transition.

6. The Convenience of Streamlined Mailing
Give the gift of simplicity by personalizing an address stamp for your new neighbors. The customizable Self-Inking Return Address Stamp from PrettySweetParty offers sharp designs you can tailor in under two minutes. It’s simple, but it just may be the most thoughtful housewarming gift for neighbors.

Making the new family feel welcome is important, and when you don’t have a lot of time to brainstorm, these housewarming gift ideas will do the trick.

When your neighborhood welcomes a new family, do it right. Give them some well-deserved rest and relaxation by gifting the Moments of Relaxation Spa Tower from 1-800-FLOWERS. Click here to scope it out!


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