Baby Shower Gifts to Charm (and Calm!) Parents-to-Be


By Bethany Johnson

Across the globe and throughout time, the arrival of new baby has always been celebrated. All cultures honor the joyous occasion of a new life, and gifts are the best part of the fun—but what should you offer the parents-to-be?

If you want your present to stand out among the other baby shower gifts as charming, practical, and stylish, you’ll need to think outside the (toy) box. Grab inspiration from these smart ideas:

Newborn Outfits

New parents are often surprised by how many changes of clothing babies can go through in a day.

Ralph Lauren Shawl-Collar Footed Toggle-Front Pima Coverall from Neiman MarcusPrepare Mommy-to-Be by stocking her up with a few newborn outfits that are both functional and fashionable. The cute and comfortable Shawl-Collar Footed Toggle-Front Pima Coverall by Ralph Lauren looks great on both baby boys and baby girls, from the time they’re a newborn until they’re nine months old.

A couple weeks after Baby’s arrival, follow up to ask whether your friend could use a few more outfits. Your thoughtfulness is the greatest gift you could ever give the adjusting family.

A Soft, Soothing Snuggle Set

Give Baby a gift that becomes the one thing they never go without. The iconic rattle, plush, or blankie is perfect—better yet, gift all three! The classic, neutral Lamby Snuggle Set soothes baby’s fussing the old-fashioned way. Super-soft, the tactile gift will fast-forward the expecting parents to their new life with Baby, answering the question, “How will I quiet their cries?”

A Stylish Kate Spade Bag

kate spade new york classic nylon harmony baby bag from Neiman MarcusMost baby shower gifts benefit the baby, so consider going another route and getting something for Mommy.

This chic, black Classic Nylon Harmony Baby Bag from Kate Spade says, “Welcome, Baby,” with a nod to Mommy’s self-expression.

Certain to turn heads at the playground, this functional bag smashes the customary (and often silly-looking) baby bag tradition. It says, from one woman to another, “I get it . . . and I got it.”

A Tug on Those Heart Strings

Young, unattached people often wonder what the big deal is with personalized parent jewelry. Fellow parents, on the other hand, totally understand the sentiment. A baby changes parents’ lives forever, and customized jewelry pays tribute to that bond while expressing high-class style.

Honor the new mother with a gift card to a website that creates custom charms for bracelets. Better yet, create a Personalized Family Circle Necklace for her with the names of her family members—including Baby.

A Dash of Personality

Gifting artwork is always tricky, and it’s especially delicate when you’re not sure how a new nursery is decorated.

The solution? Get Baby’s name spelled out with a Custom Letter Set in a neutral shade to compliment any (and every!) décor. Whether your new little friend’s nursery is safari-themed, cartoony, Euro-rustic, nautical, or butterfly-bedecked, Baby’s name will always be a focal point. This is one of those baby shower gifts that stands out among the others—literally!

Gear for a Night Away

Outfit the new parents with the Canvas Overnight Bag that evokes hope for a trip to quiet places. As the expecting couple hears more and more about sleepless nights, this bag can help quell those fears. It reassures new parents with the reminder that they will get a break every once in a while—and when they do, this bag will help.

While all the other well-wishers lavish predictable baby shower gifts like diaper changing supplies and toys, give the parents-to-be a stylish, functional overnight bag to put it all in for a much-needed night away.

Coming up with the best baby shower gifts can be hard—but it shouldn't be. Delight the Mommy-to-Be by gifting a functional Kate Spade Classic Nylon Harmony Baby Bag from Neiman Marcus.


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