Experience the MLB Postseason With These Last-Minute Tips


By Charles Poladian

So, the neighbors across the way just went to an MLB postseason game and won’t shut up about it. “Worth every penny,” they insist, as they present you with a commemorative bobblehead.

Think this novelty item is the closest you’ll ever get to a postseason game? Think again! If you know what you’re doing, you can get your MLB playoff tickets and flight without paying an arm and a leg—and you can enjoy a faraway game without even missing a full day of work.

Home and Away

Sometimes, the home game may not be the best option. Take the Chicago Cubs, for example. Fans have been waiting over a century for them to win the World Series, which is why MLB playoff tickets for the team’s home games can be so expensive.

If you want to see certain teams in the postseason, it may be cheaper to travel. That adds an interesting wrinkle to coordinating your last-minute playoff experience, but it doesn’t necessarily mean additional expense. Just remember to look the part—update your wardrobe with the official apparel of your favorite team from MLB.com Shop.

Be Patient

A great option for snagging last-minute tickets at a grand-slam bargain is online marketplaces. If you’re committed, wait until the day before the game (or even the day of, if you have the option) to purchase. People will want to make sure they sell their MLB postseason tickets, so you could see prices begin to drop.

Some websites have price alerts where you can set the amount you are willing to pay for tickets, so you can find the seats you want without wasting all of your time clicking through multiple websites. While you wait for the prices to drop, stay on top of all the action by keeping up with your team on MTB.TV.

On the Fly

You got a great deal on a ticket, but it’s an away game in a city you don’t know. Don’t worry! First, find a flight using CheapOair. Before booking a round-trip ticket, look at the red eye deals to find the best value. Sure, you’ll be a little groggy at work the next day, but you may be able to skip the expense of a hotel. Some airports offer cots or lounges for guests to sleep in, or you may even be able to improvise, according to USA Today.

For food and drink, check out the area’s LivingSocial page ahead of time to find a deal at local eatery, because eating at the stadium will cost you. With the money you save by bargain-hunting and not taking much time off for your MLB postseason adventure, you’ll be able to afford a much nicer souvenir than a bobblehead.

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