Make Football Season Fun Again: Discomfort-Busting Solutions


By Evan Wade

There comes a time in every sports fan’s life when attending a game becomes more of a project than a pleasure. Crowds, uncomfortable seating, and especially the biting cold can conspire to make every event—from the start of football season to the end of winter sports season—a miserable experience.

That’s a real shame, considering all the fun a trip to the stadium can be when you have the less-pleasant aspects under control. Here’s how to stay comfortable while cheering your team on:

Stay Warm, Stay Fashionable

Of all the potential problems, none has more potential to magnify the rest than the weather. Why? It’s a scientific fact that everything is 10 times more irritating when the cold’s biting hard enough to leave a mark. What’s worse, many late football season games are played under less-than-consistent conditions. Dress warm to combat a cold morning and you’ll feel cozy all day long (even if the game goes into overtime).

However, the seating at some stadiums is so cramped that every layer of clothing shaves a sizable chunk off your total space, which can be a real dilemma on those cold days. Fear not: insulated outerwear like the Sussex Quilted Jacket is great for the multiple climates you encounter in the course of a game. It’s thin, so it won’t chew up valuable space like a heavier jacket, while he cut, design, and color suggest a rugged sense of style perfect for football season and winter sports events alike. Pair it with a breathable Cotton/Silk/Cashmere Long-Sleeved Polo from Orvis, and you have layers that work for you no matter what the thermometer says.

Block the Sun in Style

Another scientific fact: the sun’s always at its nastiest when the there’s a chill in the air—and it scoffs at how “nice” your seats are supposed to be when it feels like disrupting your view.

If you don’t feel like going home with a squinting-induced migraine, the right protection is mandatory. Shades like the Smith Serpico Sunglasses don’t just feature a retro look done right. Along with high-quality materials and adjustable silicone nose pads, their lenses are polarized, thus keeping you safe from the sun’s glare. The lenses are brown, too, meaning they won’t haze or distort colors like some other sunglasses.

Crowd Management

Once you’ve got nature tamed, you’ll need to deal with other sports fans and possibly even the stadium itself. Certain discomforts are to be expected when attending an event with thousands of others surrounding you, but there’s nothing wrong with doing what you can to block out the world around the field.

Take the issue of that cramped stadium seating, which can leave even the heartiest backs stiff and sore following three-plus hours in its crowded grasp. The Memory Foam Seat Cushion by Cushina is built to pamper your lumbar, supporting your back so you can keep your mind on the game. It also promotes better posture, further preventing injury at the hands of the hard, molded plastic you’re made to sit in.

Then there are the other fans. Being part of something larger (i.e., the sixth man) is a huge part of winter sports, especially when football season rolls around. Sometimes, though, the rest of the crowd can make the game itself seem like it must be the distraction—something anyone who’s sat next to a family of tipsy chatterboxes or seat-kicking kiddos will emphatically agree with. Though it can’t do much for the seat-kickers, a AM/FM Stereo Pocket Radio by Sangean can help you tune into a local broadcast as you catch a live event, completing your total-comfort getup and helping you concentrate on the game all at once. As useful as cutting-edge tech can be during sporting events, sometimes access to the airwaves is all you need. Happy football season!

Snag these stylish Smith Serpico Sunglasses and keep your eyes on the action this football season. Click here to scope them out on Orvis!


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