Outdoor Fitness: 4 Ways to Make Fall Exercise Comfy, Chic


By Rachel Moran

Outdoor fitness doesn’t have to fall by the wayside this season. It might be a little cooler and darker once autumn hits, but with easy exercise solutions offering everything from bootcamp to cycling, you’ll be ready to get your blood pumping no matter how brisk it gets.

The right gear can make the difference between struggling to stay fit and keeping yourself in tip-top shape. Here’s what you’ll need to look chic and feel comfortable during autumn workout sessions:

Base Layers

A good base layer is your best friend when it comes to outdoor fitness.

Columbia Tidal Tee II Long-Sleeve T-Shirt for Ladies from BassProThey make a big difference in regulating core temperature, and while you might love the extra calorie burn from colder weather, keeping your temperature stable matters.

Now, you can jog, jump rope, hit your local park’s equipment, and keep playing sports just the same as before. Grab a simple, high-quality breathable base that goes with all your workout clothes, like the Tidal Tee II Long-Sleeve T-Shirt by Columbia. Wear it on its own until the days get even colder.

A Jacket That Moves

It might not be time to don down jackets yet, but you still need protection from the wind—especially if you’re into early morning workouts like a challenging bootcamp or long predawn runs.

Select a cozy zip-up that gives you room to maneuver during cardio drills, squats, and the rest of your routine. An on-trend choice with binding at the collar and cuffs, like the NB Knit Training Jacket by New Balance, lets you squeeze in a morning jog with your dog and still head over to the coffee shop looking fresh before it’s time for work.


Black Diamond Spot Headlamp from BassProWhen darkness comes earlier and stays later, headlamps are crucial to your outdoor fitness safety. Invest in a good one, like the Black Diamond Spot Headlamp, that will be comfortable and let you choose between white and red light without a bunch of color cycling. (Cheaper ones can require distracting button-pushing, which isn’t the safest option.)

If you’re a cyclist, a headlamp might be required by law where you live—but even if not, common sense says they make you a lot more visible during your fall workouts.

A Fitness Tracker

You burn more calories just trying to keep warm once temps drop. This isn’t an excuse to strip down at the first sign of sweat (that’s risky for your health in the long run), but you can definitely use the extra motivation when it’s a little chilly outside.

Get yourself a fitness tracker with a heart monitor. A wearable wrist gadget, like the Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch, is a lot more streamlined than a cumbersome chest strap and it lets you see yourself in action in real time, with reliable data that keeps you moving.

Stay warm at your early morning bootcamp with a stylish zip-front coat. Click here to scope out the NB Knit Training Jacket from New Balance!


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