Pumpkin Crafts for Halloween and Beyond


By Jessica D Festa

While many people associate pumpkin crafts with Halloween, these versatile gourds can be used for a multitude of seasonal projects beyond the boo-related.

For a more festive fall, the following pumpkin carving ideas can help you use those pumpkins on October 31 and beyond:

Carve Like Pro

If you have time for only one of these pumpkin crafts, make it carving. This task doesn’t need to be daunting or time-consuming as long as you have the right tools, like a 10-Piece Colossal Pumpkin Carving Kit.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/becca02/5082776137/in/photolist-8K9ygk-5zTGz7-dDrE5F-8HRgNZ-8NtebB-79Z2zj-7bX2NF-azKrZc-8HRh18-qMrE2-7dbmYm-79YYaA-7bX2DF-pVwnFV-3Khcod-qMrx4-aBQpLr-5xuxr8-453i9S-7bX2Jz-pauEUg-8GcksA-pyqPYF-prYBaD-rSN8p7-qMr78-oNkCoW-5xuxCZ-dNbUeb-3LdXvv-5xSz9K-oU4Wns-dqrTKU-79YZGN-3KTFyU-qMrD2-9tm1uf-oTzXqz-pQZDjL-7aHxBp-7aMnkJ-79Z1BQ-7FMDTX-aDgo3r-7cE58o-3JUYrp-paujwy-s85kfw-pyqU94-3LdSAXAlong with a saw, scoop, marker, and detailer to really nail those dramatic fang dips or cat tails, the kit includes six spooky stencils for those in need of pumpkin carving ideas.

Halloween Pumpkin Holder with Owl on a Branch by Plow & Hearth from Wayfair

You’ll be the Bob Ross of gourd carving without even really trying. For stencils beyond Halloween, you can search the web for free printouts.

Once your work is complete, don’t just set it on the patio: show it off with a themed pumpkin holder like the Owl on a Branch by Plow & Hearth.

Pumpkin Painting

The subtractive method isn’t the only way to attack pumpkin crafts—and, remember, designs don’t necessarily have to be scary. Instead of cutting into the gourd, consider adding to it, using some paint and the Natural Hair Hobby Paintbrush Set by Dixon Ticonderoga Company.

Painting the pumpkin solid white (or buying a white pumpkin), then accenting with red polka dots or black stripes, is easy for youngsters and adds some sophistication to the season. If your kids have a favorite character—for example, a prince or princess—you can paint your pumpkin in a pretty shade, glue on some gemstones, and add a small crown.

Skip the Mess

Not all pumpkin crafts have to be kitchen nightmares.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/bekathwia/5084087425/in/photolist-8Kgh4K-8KggTx-8KggXD-72cruw-5wbwez-eUP1eU-8N8YbT-puGyC-75eCzN-pnc1VA-aBXNTu-ayNRvF-otCFrT-oL7NAt-oL7NWD-r3rv3-domjJj-8Kv2C5-8CXSJZ-75eCbw-5JTKWG-d7LdoW-75eD8q-bKJ55-asSxw6-diLvNQ-5Cnbws-pAzKAo-41juuR-opt735-8UgykK-oW8sXs-guMj7M-75eEqh-pAxGF6-pAxGRr-9bonuB-axJxjS-puGzp-puGzL-pbFwB9-gzjhYZ-9A7szA-5ChU7n-pAufAD-c3aYkm-guMj8i-r3rsB-guMiFg-c3b2VNYou can get creative with yarn and fabrics like and lace for a mess-free project. Colorful lace looks especially beautiful atop an orange pumpkin, especially when you add a bow, or feathers for a vintage look.

If you’re wanting a Thanksgiving decoration, turn your pumpkins into turkeys using felt to create facial features. Think yellow triangle beaks and white circular eyes layered with a colored “iris” circle and a black “pupil.” From there, make a feathered tail out of construction paper and use double-sided tape to adhere it to the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Flower Pot

An easy one to add to your list of pumpkin carving ideas: a pumpkin flower pot. Simply carve off the top (you’ll want a large enough hole to fit a canister) and clean out the pumpkin using a large ice cream scoop. (Hint: save the pumpkin seeds; they taste delicious when coated in melted butter and your favorite seasonings and baked at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes.)

Next, order a seasonal bouquet—the Fields of Europe™ for Fall would work perfectly—and simply place a canister holding the flowers inside the pumpkin. Voilà, your holiday centerpiece is ready!


Think Outside the Box

Mom Spark offers a truly unique idea: using a blow dryer to melt crayons onto a pumpkin. Make sure to first peel the paper from the crayons before gluing them down onto the top of the pumpkin—and, of course, lay down newspaper or something to protect your tables (this one gets messy!).

There’s no hard rule that says your pumpkin crafts all have to be black and orange.

1-800-Flowers offers seasonal bouquets that work well on their own and when incorporated into autumn crafts. Click here to scope out options like the Fields of Europe™ for Fall!


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