Simple Halloween Decoration DIYs for the Whole Family


By Jessica D Festa

October is a time for tricks, but even more so for treats and Halloween DIY decoration projects that help bring the family together.

More healthy than just gorging on chocolate, making a Halloween decoration with loved ones exercises creative muscles and makes the whole house festive. To get you and your family in the spooky spirit of the season, here are some simple craft ideas:

Craft a Creative Treat

You don’t have to be a TV chef to rock edible Halloween decor—at least not if you have a little assistance.

3D Ghost Non-Stick Cake Pan by Nordic Ware from WayfairWhile anyone can buy cake tins, you can use this special 3D Ghost Non-Stick Cake Pan by Nordic Ware to make dessert come to life (or death?).

Your scary, detailed ghost cake will not only be tastier than the tired candy bowl alternative, it will look great as a kitchen table centerpiece atop an orange Stoneware Cake Stand by Le Creuset.

Get Hot and Sweet

Alford Candleholder by Birch Lane from WayfairStore-bought Halloween decorations tend to be over the top. A sleek yet festive Halloween DIY decoration simply calls for candle holders. You could build your arrangement around these Alford Candle Holders by Birch Lane (whose ceramic bases are reminiscent of tombstone granite) and fill the glass hurricanes with candy corns.

Another idea: coat the outside of the hurricanes in Mod Podge and cover them in strips of Halloween-hued tissue paper. From there, cut out scary eyes, scars, and fangs to create terrifying faces on top of the tissue.

Light the candle and you’ve got a homemade haunt more creative than anything you’ll find at the store.

Set the Scene

Shadow boxes start off empty and can be filled with the power of your family’s imagination, for an intensely spooky Halloween decoration that’s truly unique.

3-Piece Shadow Box with Clip Picture Frame Set by CBK from WayfairA 3-Piece Shadow Box with Clip Picture Frame Set by CBK lets you create a variety of scenes of different sizes. Back the box with metallic orange foil and use black construction paper to cut out characters for a Halloween scene to paste on top, lining the base with candy corn or gummy worms.

Another idea is to purchase Halloween decoration figurines to create a 3D scene (you can use a pegboard background and secure objects with twist ties), or paste in family portraits accented with Halloween DIY decoration twists like fangs, googly eyes, and gashes.

Spell It Out

Large Wood Letter Hanging Initials by Unfinished Wood Co. from WayfairFor families who want to get the young ones involved in Halloween beyond eating candy, this craft is safe for all ages.

What word or phrase reminds your family of Halloween? “Boo” is always a classic, though “Trick or Treat?” is fun, too. A fun Halloween project is buying Large Wood Letter Hanging Initials to spell out your words of choice, then spraying them with black and orange paint.

Add some pizzazz by painting on little white spiders and ghosts, or spraying a glitter coating.

Showcase (Weird) Ingredients

On their own, Halloween decorations can often look tacky; add some context, however, and you’ve got an almost-believable story. Ball Mason Jars are great for this, making for a versatile Halloween decoration craft base. You know how they look great showcasing your favorite ingredients—they’ll also look great displaying the items you’d put in your witch’s cauldron, like eyeballs and werewolf fangs. Get a few jars, filling some with cotton balls and others with light-colored juice. From there, your local party store should have fake spiders, fangs, and eyeballs to add.

You can also keep jars empty and add in “finger food” by cutting knuckle lines into halved string cheese sticks and using cream cheese to paste on bell pepper “nails.” They’re frightfully fun and surprisingly savory—helping your Halloween party supply the treats and tricks.

Add some tricks into your Halloween baking treats with this spooky 3D Ghost Non-Stick Cake Pan by Nordic Ware. Click here to scope it out on Wayfair!


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