Homecoming Style Tips for Busy Girls


By Kylie Ora Lobell

You are so not a girly girl. You don’t even really know what homecoming is—and, besides, you’re plenty occupied with schoolwork, homework, joining clubs, and hanging out with your fellow non-girly-girl besties (not that you’d ever call them “besties”).

That big dance everyone has been talking about is just around the corner, and your couldn’t care less, right? Right?

There is no need to fret: there are many stylish options available online. You won’t even have to take much time out of your packed schedule to find them. The following are some stylish tips for homecoming dresses and accessories that will be sure to impress (or whatever). With these options, you’ll look like you actually put in some effort:

Find a Dress FAST

You know it’s important to find the perfect dress, but you don’t know what styles are trending right now or where to find the best one. No worries—the formal and evening dresses on Gilt are the perfect solution.

You can customize the search based on your size, price range, dress length, and color (this season, the most fashionable hues are gray, baby blue, warm taupe, mustard, and fuchsia). You could arrive at your ideal dress in minutes—or you and your friends could even pick out each other’s homecoming dresses to add an element of surprise to the occasion. Whichever homecoming dress you decide upon, just make sure you can easily move around in it.

Stash Your Stuff

You’re going to be doing a lot of dancing (admit it!), so you need a place to keep your phone, lipstick, license, and whatnot. Instead of carrying around a bulky purse that’s going to keep falling off your shoulder, invest in this Leo Perforated Envelope Clutch Bag by Rebecca Minkoff. It’s made of high-quality leather, which means it’ll last you for years to come. Anytime you’re going somewhere that involves a lot of standing, you can bring this cute, little clutch to comfortably store your essentials.

Stay True to Yourself

You’ve got an awesome dress and a convenient clutch. Now, it’s time to add a little snark and personality to your homecoming outfit.

Try this gold Sorry, Not Sorry Necklace by Nashelle. It’ll help you ward off unwanted suitors as well as bring some bling to your ensemble. A bonus of purchasing this necklace is that proceeds from the transaction will provide a plate of food for people in need. You can do good while feeling great in this piece of jewelry—this might not shape up to be such a bad night after all!

Buy the gold Sorry, Not Sorry Necklace by Nashelle on Fab! Click here to scope it out.


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