Kitchen Hacks, Easy Recipes, and Gear for Your Inner Chef


By Bethany Johnson

You don’t need to be a trained chef to appreciate the appeal of the new Tasty video craze flooding your news feed. Each clip shows the fun, effortless process of churning out a beautiful masterpiece within a few seconds—leaving viewers thinking, “I could totally do that.”

And you can.

The trick, however, is not warp-speed stirring, manic chopping, or a snap of the fingers. The secret is utilizing real-life kitchen hacks that help you turn each day’s meal prep into easy recipes your family will love (without losing your mind). These brilliant tips will get you started:

Educational Tablets Keep Things Quiet

When the children are entertained with a self-guided educational activity, you can think more clearly. This means finding ingredients, measuring, cutting, and timing are all easier. However, getting kids interested in an educational activity is usually easier said than done.

You can quiet the children without the guilt of putting on another movie for their consumption by handing them the Dragon Touch Kids Tablet. They’ll think the games and lessons are fun, and you’ll get to focus on cooking.

Find One Sure-Fire Answer

Every day, dusk eventually rolls around, and it’s on you to produce a family meal. Amid the many decisions to make, you can answer the question, “Which dish?” once and for all.

Never again will you wonder whether to use a glass casserole dish, cookie sheet, or frying pan to cook the evening’s meal. A baking stone like the Sassafras SuperStone will outperform the others every time, since it ensures optimal heating and air distribution.

Turn to 4-Minute Chef-Prepped Meals

Every household cook will agree: actually cooking is the fun part. It’s the mental energy of figuring out what to make (and how) that’s draining.

Stop hitting up search engines for easy recipes and hire a personal chef to do the intellectual legwork.

FreshDirect’s 4-Minute Meals are a great way to streamline mental dinner prep. These kits come already measured and assembled, so all you need to do is heat and eat—and, of course, take credit for the gourmet masterpiece (after all, someone’s gotta do it).

Utilize the Classic Mixer

You’ve heard friends rave about their KitchenAid Stand Mixers, and now it’s time to see for yourself why this culinary staple has stood the test of time. Ask any amateur chef or rockstar homemaker and you’ll hear why this is the No. 1 can’t-live-without tool.

Why sweat when you can let your gadget do the work? It’s likely that more than one Tasty video stealthily uses a kitchen mixer off-screen—you should, too!

Get Your Groove On

Good music has a way of making you feel capable in the kitchen, and a quality speaker can reinforce the empowered “I’ve got this” feeling.

With the touch of a button, you can stream Pandora’s “French Cooking Station” or “Django Reinhardt Radio” on your own portable, wireless device. A good example of a solid kitchen speaker could be the Beats by Dre Pill. With the kids quietly entertained, you can finally chop to your own beat.

Retain a Backup Plan

Always have a plan B—and make it one you’ll enjoy after a tried-and-failed attempt at culinary greatness. This means, of course, enjoying dinner out.

Once you’ve dined, check out The Cheesecake Factory for a slice of dessert, or navigate to its website to find shared easy recipes you can plan on making for your next meal. It’s a generous chef who shares their recipes online, so take advantage of this kindness by cooking one of the acclaimed restaurant’s famous dishes at home.

Create your own post-worthy “tasty” video by taking a time-lapse of your food prep using one of these real-life, #nofilter kitchen hacks, and you just might inspire someone else’s inner chef.

Silencing your kitchen workspace is the best way to declutter mentally before diving into food prep. With an educational toy like the Dragon Touch Kids Tablet—available through Monoprice—the kids get what they need, and you can concentrate.


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