Tap and Pay . . . and Get on With Your Life, With Masterpass


By Evan Wade

By now, you’ve probably heard about digital wallets, along with terms like “tap and pay” and “NFC technology.” If you’re like most people, you’ve probably struggled to find the option that complements your shopping habits, works with your preferred financial institution, and makes purchasing items easier while also matching your individual needs.

If this sounds like your experience with digital wallet services thus far, fret no more—the suite of Masterpass apps is ready to help make online and brick-and-mortar shopping easier than ever. That means the cutting-edge payment technology can help you pretty much anywhere you have money to spend.

The first step? Downloading the appropriate app.

Download Away

Masterpass is designed to work with app offerings from many financial institutions. To wit, lots of bank apps come with Masterpass capability “baked in.” Just open Google Play, search for something like “[your bank’s name] Masterpass,” and download away. If you don’t see an offering from you financial institution, you can use the Masterpass by Mastercard app, but you’ll still need to check if you card can work with all the bells and whistles.

An NFC-capable Android phone is ideal for getting the most from your Masterpass experience. NFC technology (short for Near Field Communication) allows phones to pull and transmit data over very short distances (think touching-range). This is what allows Masterpass to transmit payment data to capable pay terminals when you’re ready to pay.

While iOS devices don’t allow third-party app makers to include NFC payment features, certain iOS apps like Parkmobile do offer Masterpass’s convenient online payment features. On the other hand, Android users can utilize devices like the superlative Galaxy S7 to buy in-store or online. In other words, devices from both of the “big two” offer some level of Masterpass functionality, but Android users get the full effect.

In-Store: Easy as Pie

Once you’ve got the app installed on an NFC-capable phone, buying in-store is as simple as following steps:

  1. Approach the register, and look for this symbol:
    By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=25768420
  2. If it’s there, open the Masterpass app and enter your PIN
  3. Tap your phone on the terminal
  4. Finish the purchase as you normally would

That’s it. Since Masterpass lets you use multiple payment options out of the gate, you can easily choose which card to use through the app (without tapping through a million screens first). The process is really secure, with layers of high-end protection covering you on the transmitting end, and PIN codes and other “local” security measures that help lock things down from your device. You don’t need to worry about thieves accessing your device or stealing your card info over the air because the actual card number is not sent to the terminal at all.

Retail shopping isn’t the only place where tap and pay shines in a brick-and-mortar setting, either. If you’re eating at a Masterpass-friendly restaurant like The Cheesecake Factory, there’s no need to wait on a check once you’re done at the table. Using the eatery’s app CakePay, you can pay directly from your phone the moment you’re done. It even lets you leave a tip from your device!

Online Too

Then there’s shopping from your computer or mobile device. Here, “convenience” means avoiding the extra screens and forms that come with the typical online shopping experience.

Once you’ve got Masterpass configured with all the cards you plan on using—and have entered the correct address and other information you’d normally use in an online order—the process is as easy as entering a password and pressing “Buy.” No need to enter your card digits or type your address in every time you make a purchase: as with the tap and pay technology, it comes with multiple layers of security features.

Whether you’re buying in-store or online, the convenience of digital wallet services can’t be matched. If you have an NFC-capable device, or if you’re just looking for a reason to upgrade, give Masterpass a look.

You’ll be glad you did.

Enter the world of tap and pay with Masterpass, available on your Android phone via Google Play.


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