Scary Halloween Movies and Fun that Families can Enjoy


By Jay Croft

The sun is setting sooner, temperatures are dropping, and leaves are falling from the trees—it’s autumn, and All Hallows’ Eve is right around the corner. If you and your family are looking for fun ways to get into the spirit of the season, spending a night telling ghost stories and watching scary Halloween movies (that all ages can enjoy) is sure to please. There are many ways to celebrate the holiday, aside from combing the neighborhood for free candies.

This year, if you’re interested in trick-or-treating alternatives, consider hosting a viewing party of spooky movies . . . or not-so-scary ones . . . or a mix of both. There are plenty of frightening films, plus more that are silly, or even sweet.

Parents should use their discretion when deciding what’s right for each little person, of course, but this list should be good for some frightful fun for most:

  1. The Wizard of Oz
    Compared to today’s gory, scary Halloween movies, it’s easy to forget how terrifying this all-time family classic is, with its singing, dancing, and Munchkins. Everybody loves watching Dorothy vanquish that wicked witch and learn, again, that “There’s no place like home.”
  2. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
    You watched it when you were a kid—maybe your parents did, too. The animated Peanuts specials are seasonal favorites now enjoyed by several generations. See if the beloved comic strip characters Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Woodstock, and, of course, Snoopy work their magic on your youngsters, too.
  3. Young Frankenstein
    With the recent passing of comic legend Gene Wilder, here’s a good way to introduce your kids to harmless horror tropes like a mad scientist’s laboratory, dark and stormy nights, and a certain dancing giant. They’ll love Igor (pronounced “Eye-gore,” you know) and the inspired silliness. Note: this film does include some (fairly tame) bawdy humor.
  4. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
    Everyone of a certain age remembers the trick-or-treating alien and his favorite candy, Reese’s Pieces. Introduce your children to the beloved extraterrestrial’s adventures—and use the opportunity to ensure they learn about the importance of “phone home,” too.
  5. Hocus Pocus
    Three witch sisters from centuries ago visit modern times, and zaniness ensues. If you’ve never seen it, this is a wonderfully entertaining Disney production rated PG for spooky parts and language. Like other scary Halloween movies, this one offers some good inspiration for costumes, too.

Make the Spooky Screenings Even More Memorable
To be truly successful, trick-or-treating alternatives should incorporate three things: costumes, treats, and ambiance.

Costumes are always fun and easy to connect to the movies—like the Winged Monkey Evil Flying Minion Costume from The Wizard of Oz. Additionally, the kids will enjoy personalizing their own tasty treats with these Halloween Cupcake/Cookie Stencils—and, to get everyone in the mood, you can decorate the living room with little touches of whimsy, like the Spider Web Collection Witch’s Hand jar candle holder from Yankee Candle.

All set? Now, snuggle up with a blanket and some popcorn for a frightfully fun evening with family.

For the perfect balance of creepy and cool, snag this witch hand candle holder for Halloween. Click here to scope it out at Yankee Candle!


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