7 Selfie Tips for Your Post-Worthy Moments


By Bethany Johnson

You know that one friend who constantly posts selfies and pictures with their children? Yeah, that one.

Deep down, if you’re honest, you might be a tad jealous. Somewhere along the way, you’ve dropped out of most of your kids’ photo albums—but don’t worry, it’s more common than you’d think. These days, most moms are on the wrong side the camera.

Thankfully, what has been doesn’t always have to be. Get out from behind that smartphone and get yourself inside the photo memories you know are worth sharing. Here are seven selfie tips (including a photo-editing app or two) that can help you make the move:

1. Shoot From a Downward Angle
Perhaps most well-known of all selfie tips is the usage of a go-go gadget arm extension tool like the Selfie Stick MONOPOD. This telescoping device allows you to take pictures of yourself from a flattering distance, and a favorable angle, which can make you look even better than you already do. Plus, now you’ll have room in the photo for everyone in your group, including you. Bye-bye, double chin!

2. Get the Right Light
Just as important as the angle you shoot from is the lighting you shoot in. While natural light is always best for photo-taking opportunities, you can take great selfies in dark areas—even when it’s nighttime—with the assistance of a Selfie Light Ring by EEEKit. This light can be easily attached to any smartphone and offers three levels of illumination. All of your friends are going to want to take selfies with your phone.

3. Embrace Accessories
When someone yells, “Selfie!” you might be tempted to dodge the camera (again) because of that one unruly little wisp of hair. Instead, be prepared with a Rhinestone Hawaiian Flower Barrette by L. Erickson. Keep this cutie in your pocket for an instant accessory that puts you—and your tresses—back in the frame.

4. Mind the Background
To nail the perfect selfie, take another look at your background. Is it the backyard again, or your kitchen this time? Sure, these places are sweet and personal, but jaw-dropping selfies include mountains, lakes, or beaches in the background.

To liven up your shots, check out the nearby escape deals from Living Social to decide which locale best brings out the sparkle in your eyes. Any excuse is a good one for a weekend getaway.

5. Apply Some Digital Makeup
No makeup? No problem! Visit your mobile app store and search “makeup cam” for real-time options that do your makeup for you, like Perfect365 Live. Grab your best friend and test one together. When you haven’t had the time to throw on the gloss or mascara, let your smartphone do the lip-plumping and lash-enhancing work.

6. Clean It up in Post-Production
Once you’ve captured a post-worthy shot with your loved ones, you may notice other flaws in the image. Not to worry: your app store also has photo-editing app choices to help you fine-tune the memory just so. Crop out photo bombers, adjust lighting, or add special effects like sparkles and pterodactyls (really!).

7. Utilize the Internet of (Your) Things
Now that you’re a born-again shutterbug, consider showcasing your selfie offline, too. Shutterfly rocks the memory-making game with a photo-editing app that turns your images into pillows, notepads, charm bracelets, or even a smartphone case. Plus, mobile app users get access to exclusive promotions and deals.

If you’ve ever wanted to be in the photos with your family members, now’s the time to change things up with these selfie tips.

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