4 Thanksgiving Activities for Kids (to Keep Them Occupied)


By Kylie Ora Lobell

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and this year, you’re hosting your family members at your home.

While you love having everyone over, you’re a bit stressed about finding a way to keep kids busy while the adults are schmoozing. In addition to cooking everything, you’ll also be serving the meal and socializing—so you don’t have time to babysit.

To keep all the little ones from getting restless and causing trouble, consider these four Thanksgiving activities for kids:

1. Play a Game of Bag Toss
Whether it’s nice outside or even a bit chilly, the kids can have fun challenging one another with the 3-Hole Folding Bag Toss Game Set by Triumph Sports USA. It comes with six beanbags, so they can play teams.

If you want to get involved, you can offer prizes to the winners. Depending on the prize (which could be anything from a crack at the wishbone, a pardon from dish duty, or an extra slice of pie at dessert), this will motivate the kids to play longer.

2. Build a LEGO Creation
Some kids might get bored easily if they’re not using their imaginations. If you suspect this is the case, bust out LEGO Friends: Emma’s House to keep kids busy and encourage them to work together. It features colorful blocks and instructions for building a model home—complete with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

When the scene is all set up, the kids can play house and act out holiday scenarios with the four doll figures that come with it: Emma and her parents, plus her pet bird.

3. Get Into the Spirit With Some Football
Thanksgiving is a huge day for football fans, and at-home football games are one of the most popular Thanksgiving activities for kids. While you’re inside watching the games, the kids can go out into the yard and throw around the N-Sports Turbo Jr. Football by Nerf. If your adult guests get antsy during the commercial breaks, they can join in on the fun, too.

4. Gather Together for Old-Fashioned Fun
For those interested in participating in Thanksgiving activities for kids and adults that don’t quite require as much exercise as backyard football, consider going the traditional route.

If the weather allows, your guests can go outside and challenge each other to a relaxed match of the classic outdoor game horseshoes. The Vintage Horseshoe Set by Franklin comes with four horseshoes and two stakes that are made from solid steel (and are official weight and size). Additionally, everything comes in an attractive wooden box for storage, so even if the set doesn’t get much use, it’ll always look good to have on hand.

Let the kids have some fun and expend some energy with the Nerf N-Sports Turbo Jr. Football. Click here to scope it out on Sears.com!


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