Celebrating Movember: Ways to Take Part in Mustache Mania


By Corey Whelan

The month formerly known as November is looking a little hairy these days.

If you’re noticing more men walking around with soup strainers than usual, you can thank the Movember Foundation and the millions of men worldwide who learned how to grow a mustache in order to raise awareness about men’s health. The target? Men who’d like to be spending less time on the couch but just can’t seem to find the mo-tivation. Wondering how to get involved? Movember is filled with fun opportunities to show off your ‘stache while supporting the cause.

If the region between your nose and upper lip is a bit on the bald side, growing a chevron or a handlebar is just the start. Making a difference (and looking dapper while doing it) also takes great gear:

Grow a Mo

Joining the men’s health movement means knowing how to grow a mustache that will come in full and look great.

OK, so maybe ‘staches make you think of cartoon villains or cheesy ’70s film stars. No worries there: growing a mo simply takes a bit of finesse and patience—state-of-the-art mustache clippers like the Li-Pro Mini Professional Clipper Combo by Wahl come in handy, too. These are the clippers the pros use to trim mustaches, backs of necks, and beards. Both clippers are super slim, charge quickly, and are portable for trims on-the-go.

Host a Hairy Bash

Invite all the Groucho Marxes and Salvador Dalis in your life to a men’s health fundraiser. Of course, no fete is complete without family, so have lots of fake face fur on hand for all those ladies and babies who don’t know how to grow a mustache. Even dogs can ‘stache up in style with these Self Adhesive Fake Mustaches.

If an elegant affair is more your scene, wear your mustache on your sleeve (as well as your face) with sterling silver I Mustache You a Question Cufflinks by Cufflinks, Inc. They’re cute conversation-starters and they’ll dress up any shirt you own.

Get Fit for a Great Cause

A great way to honor the month (and your own health) is by taking to the streets and participating in MOVE—the 30-day physical fitness challenge. You can run, swim, bike, or do any type of physical activity your body craves. Start by putting down the chips and tracking your progress with the Movember app.

If you want to treat yourself to a new, cool gadget after finishing that first 10K, indulge in a state-of-the-art hi-fi phone. The Axon 7 by ZTE features Dolby ATMOS and Dolby digital surround sound—plus, it has a great camera, so you can take lots of pictures of your hairy friends in action. For downtime between races, when the call of the couch is just too great, you can use your new toy to play Run Mo Run and keep in touch with your inner ‘stache.

If you’re ready to make a difference in the way you look and feel, plus make a difference for a great cause, it’s time to get moving. Help out the men’s health movement, and it might just help you back.

The ZTE Axon 7 HiFi Smartphone has a sound system that will blow you (and your mustache) away during Movember, and the rest of the year. Nab one now at Newegg!


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