How to Find the Perfect Gifts for Gamers


By Charles Poladian

The holiday season is fast approaching, and you don’t know what kind of video game gifts to get for the gaming enthusiasts in your life, do you? Even if you do know their preferences, finding gifts for gamers can be hard because they probably already own the games they want to play.

It’s important to find video game gifts that are connected to their passion without going the obvious route of simply selecting a new game. Luckily, help is on the way. Use this guide to find gifts for gamers that give them a joyous feeling—similar to when they beat a game on the hardest difficulty:

Pull Out a Chair
For starters, maybe a gaming chair is the answer to your recepient’s gaming needs. They probably just sit on whatever’s around, and don’t fully realize the potential that a specialized seat offers

Gaming chairs, like the Adult Video Rocker with Silver Mesh Racing Stripe by Ace Bayou, are incredibly comfortable, durable, and perfect for those marathon sessions. Even better, this particular option is designed to provide back support, fix posture, and form to the body—so your favorite gamer can feel good about their health as they sit back, relax, and “pwn” some “noobs.”

Think Luggage
It may seem juvenile, but another gift could be a backpack. For the gamer who likes to transport their favorite console, game, and accessories, a normal bag won’t suffice.

The Universal Gaming Backpack by CTA Digital provides padded support to protect their console, as well as plenty of pockets for wires, games, and everything else. This is ideal for those who like to game with their friends, a college student who’s constantly on the go, or anyone who just likes to travel with their passions.

Design Is Key
Give gamers a place they can call home. To start, consider a smart storage unit that fits all their games—with hooks for controllers and shelves for their consoles—to keep their collection tidy and easily accessible. The Game Central Tall by Atlantic is ideal for the family of gamers in your life, as its sleek design will look at home in any living room, no matter the interior design aesthetic.

And don’t worry if your recipient also has other hobbies. This unit can hold two guitars and a lot of books, as well.

When In Doubt, Go Vintage
If you really want to go big this holiday season with your gifts for gamers, look to the past. While the gamer on your list might have the latest items, it’s doubtful they have the Atari Flashback 4 Classic Game Console with 75 Games by AtGames.

Not only does this commemorative edition honor the 40th anniversary of the beloved Atari being released, it comes with more games than you can get through on Christmas morning. It’s the ideal way to share some of your childhood with your young kids. Have fun going analog together, as this set comes with two controllers

It's a blast from video game past with the Atari Flashback 4, featuring 75 classic games and two controllers. Click here to scope it out on Newegg!


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