How to Stay Fit When It’s Cold Outside


By Kylie Ora Lobell

Winter exercise isn’t exactly easy when the weather outside is frightful—plus, there’s the added challenge of being surrounded by delicious holiday treats, hot chocolate, and unhealthy comfort foods all season long.

Despite the tasty temptations and treacherous outdoor conditions, you need to know how to stay fit so you can still wear your warm-weather clothes after the snow melts. You want to be able to fit into that cute dress or bathing suit once spring starts up again, as well as feel great inside and out.

Even when it’s cold, and there’s snow on the ground, you can still find ways to partake in winter exercise. Here’s how:

Squeeze in Smaller Workouts Throughout the Day

Between holiday shopping, attending to long-put-off indoor chores, and hiding under the covers while you wait for the heat to turn on in your apartment, it seems as though there’s no convenient time to devote to a winter exercise routine. One secret shared by those to know how to stay fit is breaking up your workout into bite-sized pieces, so that a lack of time is never a viable excuse. (Really, you can’t spare seven minutes right now?)

With the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout® App, you can factor in some fitness while you’re baking holiday treats (for loved ones to enjoy), brewing some coffee, or waiting for your clothes to dry. Coupled with athleisure wear that looks great both in and out of the gym, like the Royal Blue Tech Leggings by VFILES, you’ll be ready to tackle those seven-minute routines no matter where you are.

Strength Train at Home

It’s freezing, and you don’t want to risk getting sick by going outside. Instead of heading to the gym, you can get ripped right at home. Try the Valeo Resistance Kit, which comes with light-, medium-, and heavy-resistance tubes. Just slip one of them over a beam or pole in your home, and start working on getting those muscles toned.

Weigh Your Food

Burgers, pasta, and brisket might be what you turn to when it’s wintertime—however, eating too much of these heavy foods is going to cause you to pack on the pounds. Of course, you can still enjoy them if you eat in moderation.

To do this, purchase the Good Grips Food Scale by OXO. You can tare the weight of your container, and it lets you know how much more food you can add to make it a healthy meal.

Drink Healthy Smoothies

On days when you have more willpower, replace that comfort food with whole fruits and veggies. For some clean eating, try the 8-Piece Nutrition Blender/Extractor Set by NutriBullet, which will enable you to make nutritious and delightful smoothies. You can make any meal in a rush and get all the nutrients you need to feel full—and that’s how to stay fit in the 21st century.

Looking to make healthy smoothies this winter? Buy the NutriBullet Nutrition Blender/Extractor Set from Sears today—click here to scope it out!


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