Machine Learning: How Smart Devices Can Improve Your Life


By Jae Curtis

It might seem like a scene out of a sci-fi thriller, but smart devices are becoming, well, smarter. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are very real parts of the way we interact with our devices every day.

Whether you asked your phone to help you find an address, or an app automatically played songs you might like, machines are taking the information we give them and using it to create shortcuts for the future. In essence, we’re teaching machines every day, and devices such as an intelligent personal assistant or smart home tracker can revolutionize the way we live.

Here are a few elements of your life that smart devices and cutting-edge technology can enhance:

Your Home

Smart devices definitely have a place in your home, especially if you’re looking to save money. Through machine learning, home devices can do things like analyze your behavior patterns and suggest changes for your security and well-being, or even find ways to save money on power by assessing your daily habits.

Devices such as the Wireless Smart LED Light Bulb by Nyrius can be completely controlled via smartphone, allowing you to create settings that reduce energy consumption (and even allow you to select colors and brightness based on mood, or configure settings for certain times of day).

Smart machines don’t only save money—they can actually keep your home safer. With devices like the Canary All-in-One Home Security Solution, your alarm system can actually monitor your habits, arm itself when you’re not around, and tell the difference between usual and unusual activity in your home.

Your Health and Diet

If you’re hoping to get fit and feel better, the latest generation of apps and smartwatches can help. While typical fitness trackers just count things like steps and speed, the newest models utilize artificial intelligence to gather and store information about your health.

But smartwatches aren’t the only way to benefit your personal life with machine-based learning. Even something as simple as a toaster can become intelligent. This Compact Smart Oven by Breville can remember past settings and cooking preferences so you get the perfect slice of toast every time, saving you precious moments in the morning.

Thirsty? Then try the Hydracoach Water Bottle by Sportline, which recommends how much water you need throughout the day, then tracks your intake accordingly and alerts you when you need to drink up.

Your Family

Ever feel like you could use an extra set of hands when managing your family? From remembering appointments to helping kids with homework, you might find yourself wishing for a clone.

While tech isn’t quite there yet, an intelligent personal assistant might be the next best thing. The good news? New computers that come equipped with Windows 10 are already loaded with Cortana, a personal assistant that actively learns about you as it sets appointments, creates reminders, and keeps you organized.

Whether you’re looking to save time, save money, or stay healthy, new machine learning devices can make your life better than ever. And the best part? We’re just on the cusp of what artificial intelligence can really do.

Get comfortable with intelligent machines, because they’ll become less “futuristic” as time goes on.

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