Your Election Night Party Kit for the Perfect Watch Party


By Bethany Johnson

Great news: in an election year full of negative online disagreements and surprisingly nasty headlines, you can be a source of goodness, rest, and safety for your friends. No matter how you all vote on Election Day 2016, you can agree that it’s time to come together.

How? With a party, of course!

Give your friends, family, and fellow citizens a break. Host a bash to celebrate friendship (and the long-awaited end of campaign season) with this election night party kit. Here are several ways to give your typical gathering a little election fun:

Wear a Winning Outfit

Ditch the traditional hostess dress and go with a podium-ready pantsuit in your favorite power color, or one that represents your party affiliation. Complete the look with a Gold-Plated American Flag Pin on your lapel, and offer some to guests who would like to follow suit. Or, for a more lighthearted atmosphere, dress yourself and the family in informal patriotic attire that’s usually saved for relaxed Independence Day festivities.

Delegate Decoration Duties

Have kids exercise their right to participate in the democratic process by sorting out donkey- and elephant-shaped animal crackers that they can then scatter on your buffet table as decoration. Arrange a centerpiece of blue and red Tootsie pops upright in a vase. Hang a Stars-and-Stripes Wind Sock outside to show guests they’ve found the right house.

Liberate Libations

No party is complete without drinks. Make a simple fall-inspired punch by combining equal parts passion fruit Skyy vodka, sparkling apple cider, tonic, and cranberry juice. Once mixed, pour your spiked mixture into a clear dispenser with ice. Its red hue will compliment the festive, patriotic spirit of the evening. To really dazzle your constituents, craft red-white-and-blue shots. Simply layer grenadine, blue curacao and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Issue a Statement

Choose one wall in your home to really make a statement. Hang either a yuuge American flag or a beaded Single Curtain Panel that guests can use as a fun photo background for their #election2016 selfies.

Organize Party Games

Letting participants engage in lighthearted activities is a great way to diffuse inevitable tension. A recent Gallup report shows the No. 1 reason voters cited for supporting one candidate was aversion to the other. Use this fact to foster cohesion by inviting friends to play a creative game of “Would You Rather?”

For an equally irresponsible activity that requires even less brain power, grab Political Poker “The Great American Crap Shoot” Dice Game by Koplow Games and try your luck at scoring pork and discarding tea bags.

Plan an Acceptance Speech

Your election night party kit is almost complete! As a final touch, prepare a speech thanking guests for coming, and expressing how you accept the new president regardless of the outcome.

Part of the fun of getting together is that no one knows yet what this election will hold. Even predictions from a few months ago are being blown out of the water. One thing is for sure: your friends know they can count on you to be a haven of civility and buoyancy. Return the favor by throwing a results watch party and trusting them to have fun and play nice.

With this election night party kit as your template for inspiration, you won’t have to worry about any mental prep work. Now, all you need to do is assemble the pieces and watch what happens on Election Day 2016.

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