Your Ultimate Cocktail Pairing Guide for Thanksgiving Dinner


By Rachel Moran

With all of the focus on food, a unique cocktail pairing can make your Thanksgiving dinner stand out as one of the season’s best meals. Serving upscale cocktails brings a contemporary twist to a traditional table, and gives your guests a perfectly planned culinary experience.

If you’re visiting family or friends this year, they’ll be thankful if you come ready to play bartender. Select a cocktail pairing or two for your Thanksgiving dinner and raise a glass to all the reasons you’re grateful for another holiday season. Here are some of the best libations to pair with your seasonal feast:

The highball is the original dinner cocktail. Made from a spirit and a mixer, these are the classics that impart the zing of a fine drink without overpowering your food. Scotch and soda is the traditional favorite for a special occasion. It’s meant to be medium strength, so give it a little edge by using retro-cool highball glasses like the High Ball Glass Set by Stussy.

Fill with ice, pour two ounces of Scotch whiskey, and top the glass with club soda. A smoky whiskey is nice with roasted turkey, although sweeter Scotches work with sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and raisin-packed stuffings. Choose one to highlight your specialty dish.

Holiday Mules
The Moscow mule may sound like a surprising cocktail pairing, but with a couple holiday upgrades, you’ll serve them every year. A little prep is needed in advance here—snag a pack of fresh Rosemary sprigs or cut some from your herb garden, then create curls of fresh ginger with the Swiss Potato Vegetable Peeler.

Make the mule with two ounces of vodka and six ounces of ginger beer over ice. Spruce it up with fresh cranberries along with your prepared rosemary and ginger. A mug of this drink is magnificent.

Red Wine Spritzers
There’s always a ton of wine around at Thanksgiving, but all that turkey is already guaranteeing a nap. Don’t miss the last heap of mashed potatoes because you drank too much red.

Instead, serve up glasses of playful spritzers by mixing wine and seltzer with berries. Heavy goblets like Amethyst Renaissance Tumblers from R Squared feel fancy at the holidays—but also let your wine aerate and keep your spritzer at a constant temperature.

Dessert Martinis
Thanksgiving dinner isn’t complete without dessert, of course. Pass around the pumpkin pie and shake up a round of dessert martinis. In November, most fruit is scarce, but pears are at their peak.

The squat, reddish Comice pear is freshest at Thanksgiving and makes a tasty drink. Juice a pitcher’s worth and then shake with vodka and a little lemon juice. If you’re a guest, a shaker like the gleaming, rounded Belmont™ Gold Cocktail Shaker by Viski and a bottle of pear vodka would make a fantastic host gift.

Shake up incredible martinis for Thanksgiving dinner with a gleaming gold cocktail shaker that's sure to inspire holiday joy. Click here to scope out the Belmont™ Gold Cocktail Shaker by Viski on Newegg!


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