Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids That Your Budget Will Love


By Corey Whelan

Rather than buy ready-made gifts for everyone on your list, why not engage your kids in making presents and decorations this year? Making holiday crafts together can help you carve out an oasis of time to spend as a family.

Crafts for kids can even result in lovely items that take the sting out of a maxed-out budget. A holiday crafts activity also provides an opportunity for you to talk about the season and the people you’re making gifts for. All you need to get started are craft supplies and your imaginations.

It’s pretty much a lock that anything your kids make will become treasured mementos forever. If you need some inspiration for your holiday crafts, start with these ideas:

Never Underestimate the Power of a Popsicle Stick

If you didn’t save the sticks from every ice cream pop you ate last summer, no worries. Nab a jumbo box of 500 Chenille Kraft Colored Wood Craft Sticks and some glue, and you’re on your way to making holiday crafts your kids will enjoy designing.

These mighty, six-inch sticks come in six colors and morph into hundreds of easy-to-create decorations. Use them to make religious symbols for a Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush, create mini picture frames, or fashion miniature sled ornaments. Rummage through closets, jewelry boxes, and the abandoned section of your child’s toy chest for fun add-ons like feathers, faux jewels, and buttons to glue on.

Puff the Magic Window Cling

Glitter glue and puffy paint can transform just about anything into a colorful holiday gift. The littlest gift givers in your household can use them to decorate pencil holders and T-shirts. However, for a more challenging craft, use these decorating staples to make holiday window clings.

Start with ready-made templates of snowflakes and snowmen, or let your kids design their own holiday icons (or silly things like magic dragons). The Puffy Tulip Starter Kit by Duncan Toys includes six brilliant, imagination-sparking colors of high-quality puffy paint. Add some wax paper to use as a work surface and an eight-pack of Glitter Chip Glue by Creativity Street, and you’ve got everything you need to make lovely, one-of-a-kind window decorations that anyone would love to receive.

Sew Heirloom-Quality Gifts Together

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to teach your child how to work a sewing machine, the holidays are it. Start by shopping together for colorful and inspiring holiday fabrics, then decide what you want to sew.

Holiday crafts can include pot holders, coasters, felt ornaments, or a skirt for the Christmas tree. These easy crafts for kids don’t require much skill (or a pattern), but you will need a top-notch sewing machine, like the Singer Sewing Co. 443.CL Heavy Duty. It has a time-saving automatic needle threader and top drop-in bobbin for ease of use.

Now, get to work with your holiday helpers and spread that seasonal cheer!

Glitter glue is a craft essential. Make life (and the holidays) more colorful with a Creativity Street Glitter Glue 8-Pack in Assorted Colors. Click here to scope it out on Office Depot!


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