6 Corporate Gift Ideas With a Personal Message


By Bethany Johnson

Business gifts from one colleague to another can be much more than a pleasantry.

In fact, you can send a powerful message with a gift, and the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to do just that. This year, say something without a word. Express yourself with one of these six corporate gift ideas, each with a unique implication:

1. For the Friendly Competitor
Get your chummy rival a gift card for athletic gear. Tell your business colleague you’ll be challenging them outside of the office next year, to test your collective endurance—and to expose who’s more in-shape. Gently tease your work friend with a New Balance Gift Card that prompts them to gear up (in more ways than one).

2. For the Office Mate
Help your coworker focus. The Grey NS700 Phaser Headphones by Nocs will let them tune out the chatty receptionist and nearby pep talks. High-maintenance client calling? Give your corporate buddy the excuse they need to “accidentally” miss unwanted calls.

After the holiday break and their January getaway, email them with a follow-up note that includes your favorite Spotify playlist for either focusing on tasks or pumping up for high-stakes meetings.

3. For Your Most Loyal Client
Just because your dad gave his best corporate client a watch doesn’t mean the gesture is outdated. In fact, a sleek, SW2 Black Smartwatch by Sony is the perfect throwback to your and your clients’ shared upbringing—with the most modern twist. This novel idea is anything but new.

4. For Your Best Client
Get your favorite business contact a gift that will turn them into your biggest fan. A three-month membership to Harry and David’s Wine & Cheese Club will make sure their desk has something tasty on it every day next quarter. Of all corporate gift ideas, this one can score you loyalty (and kickback referrals) for life.

5. For Your Business Mentor or Grasshopper
Whether formally arranged or loosely established, business mentorships are unique. Give your biz bud a gift that says, “I get it.” You have both been on the receiving end of too many bad neckties, among other things.

Identify with them by gifting personalized Brushed and Polished Cuff Links in timeless stainless steel instead—and tell them they look sharp every time you see them wearing them.

6. For the New Contact
Throughout the holiday season, new meetings continue, and you don’t want to be in the position of wishing you had something on hand. For impromptu corporate gift ideas that can show a new contact your thoughtfulness, keep a wrapped tin of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Praline Pecans in your car or desk drawer.

Business gifts are much more than niceties. They’re opportunities to say something. What message do you want to send this holiday season? These corporate gift ideas are the perfect way to express—and establish—yourself.

For generations, professionals have gifted stylish watches to express appreciation for business relationships. Keep the tradition going with a Sony SW2 Black Smartwatch. Click here to scope it out on Rakuten!


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