Know How to Get Promoted in 2017: Tips to Make It Happen


By Bethany Johnson

As you gain professional experience, you may come to find those nerve-racking performance reviews aren’t so scary after all. Most bosses aren’t out for blood. In fact, you might eventually look forward to the chance to get on the same page with your supervisor.

In time, the old sit-down becomes another chance to prove you’re ready for a promotion.

If you’re confident with how you delivered in 2016, you’re likely wondering how to get promoted in 2017. It’s performance review season, and competition can be intense. You need to know exactly how to impress your boss and position yourself for whatever’s next—these ideas will get you started:

Take a Crash Course in Data Charting

Your boss often asks for information, and sometimes, you tend to go on and on when a simple visual could save time and say more. In a handful of 15-minute sessions, your Excel skills could be at the “ninja” level, if you put in the time and focus.

No more relying on the office admin or analysts to compile information and arrange it in your favor. Grab a book like Go! With Microsoft Excel 2013, or sign up for an online class. You’ll be glad you did.

Project Polish

Clean up your desk with a NeatDesk® Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System, which lets you digitize the hard copy of every file on your desk. Next time the boss walks by, your organizational prowess will shine through (not the harried pencil-pusher vibe you think you give off).

If you want to know the No. 1 strategy for how to impress your boss, it’s simple: get organized.

Take the High Road

Stop pretending that office politics don’t exist. Instead of ignoring them (or worse, jumping in), grab an audio version of the HBR Guide to Office Politics. The tome promises to help you “rise above rivalry, avoid power games, and build better relationships.”

Your boss directly benefits when you and other team members consume healthy information like this. Plus, it’s in an audio format, so you can listen while you commute. That means your precious work and family time can stay separated from your noble self-improvement work.

Do the Social Thing

You should make a point to attend corporate happy hours, hit the golf course charity benefit, go to retirement gatherings, and compare notes on sports headlines. Be sociable without reverting to completely casual. Your boss will appreciate your ability to relax while staying in control.

Dress for Success

You’ve heard it said that you should dress for the job you want, and that’s true. But what if you want Batman’s job? Well, if you want to know how to get promoted, it’s not by wearing a mask and cape to the office.

Believe it or not, though, you can dress like James Bond and simultaneously impress the business socks off of your boss with the suit originally designed for Daniel Craig in his role as 007. The O’Connor Base Mini Textured Two-Piece Suit by Tom Ford says “I’m capable,” and no more. Rock it for a boost of confidence this year, and see whether your focus improves. Just . . . try not to pretend your watch has a built-in laser or two-way radio.

Communicate Your Intentions

Sometimes, knowing how to get promoted is as simple as vocalizing your plan to move up. Tell your boss you have your eye on the prize, and you plan to climb another rung of the corporate ladder in 2017.

With a little luck, they’ll keep you on the short list, and an opportunity will open up when you least expect it.

Ready yourself for a promotion at work. Masterpass can streamline buying the tools you need—like a book that explains computer programs simply. Click here to scope out Go! With Microsoft Excel 2013 through Rakuten.


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