From Artisanal Cheese to Wine: Gift-of-the-Month Clubs


By Megan Koester

When you think of gift-of-the-month clubs, you probably envision a calendar years’ worth of jam. But there are plenty of subscription services you can buy on a month-by-month basis that will bring you stuff you’ll actually use. With so many clubs out there, you can easily find the perfect gift for the people in your life, no matter where their tastes may lie. These clubs feature crowd-pleasing favorites like artisanal cheese, coffee, fruit, flower bulbs, and wine gifts that literally keep on giving.

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The availability of fresh fruit changes with the seasons, which makes it the perfect subscription club gift. Depending on the month, succulent pears and peaches arrive at your doorstep from the Signature Classic Fruit Club along with a mouthwatering mix of grapefruits, pineapples, strawberries, and cherries (oh, my!). Nature’s candy has never been so convenient—or do delicious.


Year in, year out, wine gifts are incredibly popular, and rightfully so. After all, who’d turn down a bottle (or 12) of the good stuff? Two bottles—one red, one white—arrive per month for members of a Wine Club, and you can sign your loved one up for three, six, or 12 months. Made from Southern Oregon-grown grapes, they’re carefully selected based on both the season of shipment and what’s currently trending in vino.

Artisanal Cheese

What’s more delicious and indulgent than artisanal cheese? Well…how about three months’ worth of it? The Cheese Club showcases a wide variety of tangy, creamy goodness. Selections include classics like white cheddar and blue cheese, as well as palate-expanding choices like honey goat and rosemary Asiago. It’s a gift-of-the-month club so tempting, you may have to give it to yourself. (And if you plan well, you can pair each cheese with your wine gifts too!)


The warm, intoxicating aroma of fresh gourmet coffee in the morning is enough to get even the sleepiest of heads out of bed. Give the gift of three months’ worth of breakfast buzz with a subscription to the Coffee Club. Two bags of beans are shipped whole—not ground—every month, preserving their freshness. This winter subscription won’t replace the energy you draw from the sun in the spring and summer, but with flavors like cinnamon swirl and dark chocolate candy cane, it will deliciously revitalize you.


Flowers are a lovely gift, but they always wilt too soon. Giving the gift of a Flower Bulb subscription, however, ensures your gift will keep flourishing. A variety of bulbs—including lovely lilies and striking amaryllises—can be delivered to your friends and family for three or six months. Best of all, they come pre-planted in stylish milk crates, and include care instructions—no green thumb required.

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