Beer Gifts for the Connoisseurs on Your Shopping List


By Jessica D Festa

While there’s nothing wrong with giving gift cards and clothes this holiday, it’s always nice to buy gifts specifically tailored to your recipients’ tastes.

And if their tastes are stouts and blonde ales, perusing gifts for beer lovers means a thoughtful present. The following beer gifts appeal to all types of suds enthusiasts:

Beer Glasses Beyond the Pint
It’s a misconception that wine is the only beverage warranting special glassware.

Craft Brew 6 Piece Beer Glass Set by Luminarc from WayfairIn fact, brewers from all over have created different styles of glasses to accentuate various beer attributes. Oh, and that pint glass you usually get your beer served in? It’s better suited for mixing cocktails than beer drinking!

If you’re searching for great gifts for beer lovers, a Craft Brew 6 Piece Beer Glass Set allows you to give the gift of enjoying every nuance, whether it’s a stout, IPA, or saison.

The Perfect Party Favor
Single Tap Mini Keg Freestanding Beer Dispenser by Koolatron from WayfairIf the beer gifts you seek are for someone who regularly entertains, he will likely appreciate something that removes the racks of regular brews and uninspired cooler setup from his parties.

A Single Tap Mini Keg Freestanding Beer Dispenser by Koolatron adds to the ambiance. (Besides, have you ever seen how excited beer drinkers get when they see a keg?) This means your buddy can serve 5 liters of his favorite beer at optimal pressure, gravity, and temperature.

Bonus: Environmentally conscious imbibers will like that no harmful CFC’s or polluting coolants are used.

A Connoisseur’s Dream
If you’re still looking for great gifts for beer lovers that love to have parties, something larger that adds variety to the above is ideal.

Enter the Four Tap Freestanding Beer Dispenser by Kegco, which, as the name states, allows your favorite beer enthusiast to serve not one, not two, but four of her favorite beers. She’ll be able to fill up the kegs with party favorites or show off her connoisseur side by showcasing craft beers and guiding guests in their drink choice.

DIY Beer Gifts
You’ve likely been out with your friend, sipping beers when he says something like, “This is good, but it could use a little more hops.” One of the best gifts for beer lovers, especially those with their own big brew ideas, is a Homebrew Beer Making Kit by Mr. Beer.

The kit gives the brewer all the tools he needs to craft a delicious beer, including a video tutorial to walk him through the process. He’ll also get the freedom to make his own additions of extra honey, hops, malts, or whatever his creative mind calls for.

And when your fridge is suddenly stocked with free homemade beer gifts from him, you’ll also be thankful.

A Quirky Drink Accompaniment
And for that friend whose taste is a just a bit different?

Personalized 16 Oz. Glass Beer by Cathys Concepts from WayfairA Personalized 16 Oz. Glass Beer by Cathy’s Concepts, shaped like a Viking horn, fuses quirky with culture.

These beer glasses aren’t just for show—as Vikings did drink from horns. While historically, the horns were decorated with knot work patterns and metal rims, this modern day glass features a wood and leather case and a single block letter of your choice inscribed.

A personalized beer glass (shaped like a Viking horn!) fuses history with fun in a quirky way. Click here to scope out the options available through Cathy's Concepts on Wayfair!


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