Holiday Gifts for Teens That Show Them You Get It


By Corey Whelan

Parents tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves when confronted with the most difficult of all purchases: gifts for teens.

Whatever’s wrapped in that box has a big job to do, after all. It’s got to let your teen know that, despite all evidence to the contrary, you’ve still got a little street cred in your pocket, along with some incredible gift ideas. It’s also got to show that you understand who your kid is and what he or she is going through. If it can bring the two of you closer together, that’s a huge plus.

Why not stack the odds in your favor? Nab some hard-working, not-so-weird gifts for teens, like these:

Start With Perfect Sneakers
Today, lots of young people live in sneakers year-round, no matter the weather. Yesterday’s trends may be out, back in, or on their way back in—so it’s easy to buy the wrong shoes for teens.

You won’t miss with a pair of New Balance 96 REVlites for her, or 574 Outdoors for him. They’ve got all the New Balance technology behind them you’d expect, but also come in highly individualized color palates, featuring on-trend choices like spruce, boysenberry, and black. The 574s even ship with a second, boot-inspired lace. Why not buy an extra pair for yourself? It might just inspire your teen to take a walk with you!

Give Them an Earful They’ll Enjoy
Eventually, the young person in your life will “unplug” and actually talk to you, but in the meantime, show your teen you trust them enough not to break (or lose) yet another set of headphones.

The T2S Bluetooth Stereo Headphones by Bluedio come in red, white, or blue, and offer up a music experience that will blow your teen’s mind (but not their eardrums). These sturdy headphones—the result of two years’ worth of state-of-the-art engineering know-how—produce crystal clear highs and deep, satisfying bass notes. They feature a storage-friendly, rotating ear cup, and a coif-friendly, cushioned leather headband, making them one of the best gifts for teens this season. Plus, they’re cute to look at, awesome to use, and of course, Bluetooth compatible.

Arm Them With Inspiration
Message bracelets (a.k.a. wristlets, for the masculine set) are all the rage with teens, and make great gift ideas for their friends, too.

The Good Works(s) Make a Difference leather wrap collection at Zulily tout messages like “fearless,” “inspire,” “strength,” and “believe.” In addition to being inspirational, these antique-inspired, rustic bracelets are great to look at, and go with any outfit.

You can't go wrong with gifting classic sneakers. Give your teen happy feet this holiday season with on-trend, gorgeous, New Balance 96 REVlites in pike, boysenberry, or black.


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