NYE Outfits: Accessorize With the Perfect Holiday Bling


By Rachel Moran

When the ball is about to drop and usher in a new year, NYE outfits need to be on point.

You always look glam, trendy, and totally memorable—just like the big night—but this year, take a little extra time to find the ultimate New Year’s Eve jewelry. You want something that’s going to stand out like crazy amid all the flash and fun, but if you’re making an investment (and why not? It’s the holidays!), you need to work it into your regular winter wardrobe, too.

Try these stylish pieces for Instagram-worthy memories that prove you’re the absolute queen of NYE outfits:

Chunky Bracelets

A chunky bracelet is the “it” piece for Winter 2016-17. Look for one—like the Pavé Detail Bar Bracelet by Brooks Brothers—that dazzles as your New Year’s Eve jewelry, with bright gold tones and serious sparkle. You won’t want to take this one off come January 2. Wear it over flat sleeve hems (like on ribbed sweaters) to be 100 percent on-trend.

Raw Stones

Raw stones are the other super-hot trend this season.

Devon Leigh Raw Quartz Mixed Link Necklace from Neiman Marcus

Bold for the holidays, these rocks look like they came straight from the earth before gracing your neckline, but still impart vivid sophistication.

A necklace is the best way to highlight your stones. Try the Mixed Quartz Link Necklace by Devon Leigh for a high-impact piece that you can still wear through the spring.

Wrap-Around Pearls

Pearls are a beautiful gift to yourself at the holidays. If you procure a high-quality strand, you can keep them to pass along as an heirloom. With NYE outfits, the style this year is to wear them wrapped multiple times, making them an elegant choice for different necklines, too.

Asymmetrical Earrings

The asymmetrical earring is influenced by punk culture but has the glamour you need for the last night of the year. This look had a summer heyday and is still going strong.

The popular safety pin gives way to a rugged nail on the Kugi Earring 2 by AMBUSH for even more oomph than before.

Jay Strongwater Mille Fiori Drop Pin from Neiman MarcusTalisman Jewelry

Heavy jewelry on heavy cloth is the way to go for Winter 2016-17. That’s why talismans are perfect for New Year’s, too—because it’s one evening that definitely calls for dramatic accessories.

Stick with a brooch to keep all eyes on your bling and go all out with a selection boasting big jewels, like the Mille Fiori Drop Pin by Jay Strongwater.

This New Year’s Eve, let your style shine with jewelry that’s unforgettable for a night you’ll always treasure.

A stunning gold-tone bracelet with pavé stones has enough drama for your NYE outfit and commands attention all winter. Click here to scope one out at Brooks Brothers!


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