New Year’s Resolutions: 5 Gifts to Assist Friends and Family


By Jay Croft

New Year’s resolutions are made every January 1, with millions of Americans vowing to lose weight, stop drinking, and quit smoking. But unfortunately, by February 1, many of those resolutions have already been abandoned.

Bad habits die hard, especially with a lack of encouragement. This holiday season, include some healthy gifts on your shopping list to support friends and family members who want to make a change. Here’s a gift guide to get your mind thinking about giving presents that support the positive choices you and your loved ones make every day:

Eating Better
Losing weight is always a perennial favorite among New Year’s resolutions. For healthy gifts, check out Fresh Direct, which will deliver meals that are crisp and nutritional right to your door. The company ships other things, too—like fruit and vegetables that you can snack on during the day.

If someone on your list lacks cooking skills, or is single and doesn’t enjoy cooking alone, he or she will enjoy the prepared meals Fresh Direct offers. This can be a gateway to losing weight, since dining in restaurants or eating processed foods and takeout can add to your waistline.

Reading More
In this fast-paced culture, it’s easy to consider scrolling through Facebook as “reading.” But studies show reading books brings pleasure and peace like nothing else. Check out the biography sections of book suppliers to find the perfect read for someone on your list.

In this genre, you recognize the names of the subjects instantly, such as Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen, so it’s a good gateway book. You can use this gift to not only encourage the habit of reading, but to also speak to another interest—whether it’s music, politics, or history.

Making Fitness Fun
Getting in shape is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. And there’s never been as many healthy gifts available to help loved ones along. Someone on your list will like the Surge Fitness and Training GPS Superwatch by Fitbit, which comes in festive tangerine or sleek black. It has a simple interface, continuous heart-rate monitoring and GPS, and tracks activities like hiking, yoga, and more. It turns fitness into a game, thus making exercise something your recipient will want to do.

Mindful meditation is a buzzy exercise topic this year as well, but it can seem intimidating if you’re just starting out. The Zabuton Yoga Meditation Cotton Cushion, which is larger than most meditation pillows, is ideal for beginners because it’s soft and plush.

Finding a New Job
Is your cousin looking for work but lacks some basics? Convince him he needs to make a good impression and easily can. Improving one’s image can be one of the most motivating New Year’s resolutions.

Nothing says “serious business” more than a classic black, leather briefcase. Try this authentic (but not too flashy) Buffalo Zipper Briefcase by Brooks Brothers—it’s the perfect way to make a good impression. It has a padded laptop sleeve for ultimate protection and can hold a portfolio holder, as well as all the pens needed to sign a new employment contract.

The rock 'n' roll fans on your list will love diving into Bruce Springsteen's autobiography, Born to Run. Click here to scope it out on Rakuten!


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