Snowbound: Fun Indoor Kids’ Activities for Wintertime


By Kylie Ora Lobell

The first snow day of the season is exciting for your kids. They get to stay home from school and sled, throw snowballs, build forts, sip hot cocoa, and enjoy all the classic things to do in winter.

However, after the third or fourth snow day, your kids might start to get bored.

If they can’t go outside because it’s too cold or icy—but you don’t want them watching TV all day—you can organize some fun indoor kids’ activities for them instead. Here are a few ideas to make snow days even more fun:

Hold a Table Tennis Tournament
Your kids are full of energy and will get antsy if they don’t use it (and you probably will, too). Table tennis is just the exhilarating activity to get everyone pumped and ensure that their energy is used constructively.

Make sure you get four paddles (round-robin doubles tournament, anyone?), plenty of balls, and the Prince Victory Table Tennis Table. The winner gets to avoid shoveling for the duration of the current blizzard.

Invest in a (Mini) Baby Grand
Some of the best indoor kids’ activities are ones that teach. Learning an instrument is a great, stimulating way to build a skill set—plus, of all the fun things to do in winter, is there anything more warming than a family singalong?

The color-coded keys on the 30-Key Mini Grand Piano by Melissa & Doug will help young ones learn to play all the classics. Who knows? Maybe the snow storm outside the window will inspire them to compose their own masterpiece.

Break out the Building Blocks
Little people love to show off their work, and some of the best indoor kids’ activities incorporate a chance to build something. This Spongebob Squarepants 138Pcs Building Blocks DIY Toy does one better by letting your budding architect build their own friend. If you have two kids, you can get two kits and let them race to see who can construct their companion faster.

Play a Board Game
The best things to do in winter are those that get the whole family together. There is an infinite amount of wonderfully wacky options for board games out there these days, but don’t discount the classics. They’re wholesome and simple . . . and you already know how to play them.

The classic game Trouble is just as fun as it ever was, and its dice dome still rewards every press with that satisfying “pop!” Set it up after lunch and show the kids how it’s done.

Buy the classic board game Trouble for some indoor family fun this winter. Click here to scope it out on Rakuten!


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