Keep Your New Year’s Resolution: 5 Surefire Tricks


By Rachel Moran

Your New Year’s resolution is more than just a token promise: it’s your path for meaningful transformation. Now, more than ever, you can prepare to love who you are while emerging anew in 2017. This is the year!

Sticking to your resolution actually works when you equip yourself with the right tools and mindset. Believe it!

Define Your Goals

Don’t just promise to get in shape—vow to lose your visceral fat or to do five pull-ups a day. By creating a specific New Year’s resolution, you have a clear target and can walk a clear path to get there.

If you’re not exactly sure how to articulate your goal yet, try some freewriting. A dedicated notebook like the Dipped Initial Journal by Kate Spade New York is a private (and fashionable) way to find yourself and define your goals. Write them down and document your progress.

Block Out Time

Sticking to your resolution is going to take time, but you don’t have to get super-stressed—just think of ways to reconfigure your typical day. Delegate tasks where you can. Maybe a tutor helps your kids with homework, or you go through a service like FreshDirect to cut weekly grocery shopping out of your equation.

The extra “me” time might just inspire you to make more positive changes, like making time to meditate by turning the TV on an hour later, or logging out of Facebook during your lunch hour.

Chart Your Progress

A well-worn axiom in science is that if you can measure it, you can change it. Use an app to log the miles you walk/run in an effort to get fit. Actually read your financial statements (it won’t be that bad!).

The tools you need to reach your goals are easier to find than you may realize at first. While you might not be a whiz at eyeballing serving sizes yet, you can track calories with a sleek kitchen scale like the ProVantage Digital Kitchen Scale by Cuisinart for exact portions. The confidence you get from seeing your progress helps you keep moving toward the bigger changes.

Take the Long View

Sometimes, patience can help you accomplish your New Year’s resolution better than anything else. Everyone has their own ideas about how long something should take, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change your mindset.

Celebs seem to whittle away or cut up overnight, but regular folks might need eight months to get a flat stomach. Try some self-knowledge with a resource like The Biorhythm Kit: Predict the Ups and Downs in Your Life by Jacyntha Crawley to determine how long your goals will take you personally. You’ll get there on your time.

Start the year off right by journaling your New Year's resolution and watching your thoughts unfold in a beautiful, private keepsake! Click here to scope out the Dipped Initial Journal by Kate Spade New York, at Neiman Marcus.


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